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RAZER Drivers Causing BSOD

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Draconis251, Aug 18, 2020.

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  1. Draconis251

    Draconis251 New Member

    Hello, I have had a ton of Blue Screens when playing games, over the past month or two. I found the RAM was defective so I had that replaced, the RAM replacement helped, but they still continue to occur, and after a ton of time using Driver Verifier, I found that the drivers listed below were causing the crashes. I have listed all my device specs, along with the Minidumps if you need them. Thanks for any help.

    Drivers: RzDev_022a.sys, RzDev_005c.sys, RzCommon.sys

    Stopcode: Driver_Verifier_Detected_Violation, Video_Scheduler_Internal_Error, Driver_Power_State_Failure, Dpc_Watchdog_Violation, System_Service_Exception, Kernel_Mode_Heap_Corruption

    System Specs:

    ACER Aspire E15-575G

    CPU: Intel Core i5-7200U @ 2.50GHz
    CPU: 2 Cores, 1 Socket, 4 Logical Peocessors, Base Speed: 2.70GHz

    RAM: 8.0GB, 7.87 GB Usable
    RAM: Speed: 2133 MHz, Form Factor: SODIMM

    DISK: Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB
    DISK: Capacity: 466GB, Formatted: Yes, Type: SSD

    GPU 0: Intel HD Graphics 620
    GPU 0: DirectX Version: 12, Driver Version:, Physical Location: PCI Bus 0 device 2 function 0

    GPU 1: NVIDIA GeForce 940MX
    GPU 1: DirectX Version: 12, Driver Version: 12, Driver Version:, Physical Location: PCI Bus 1 Device 0 funtion 0, Hardware reserved memory: 37.9 MB

    Motherboard: ACER Ironman_SK

    SYSTEM INFO: Bios: V1.47
    Windows 10 Version 2004
    OS Build: 19041.450


    Razer Devices: Cynosa Chroma, DeathAdder Elite

    Minidumps: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Aqd4lArcjAjIqCEWYT45UPdtfYZZ

  2. AlfonsoGP2397

    AlfonsoGP2397 New Member

    do razer even make case to this ?
  3. Draconis251

    Draconis251 New Member

    Razer has been dodging this problem since June , contacted them and they started a RMA process for all my devices, told me they couldn’t do anything about their software as it wasn’t in there control. At one point one person told me to “stop contacting them because I’m wasting their resources when they could be talking to more important customers,” always have had good experiences with Razer until now. They also said they couldn’t do anything to help with my laptop if it wasn’t a Blade. This has been a shit show, some guy on Reddit though has helped me through and made this situation a whole lot better. Apparently by GPU was causing errors, and Windows was just saying Razer drivers were faulty, even though they weren’t. Razer has provided no help, except for one nice support agent who pointed me in the right direction for help.
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