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Razer Game Manager CPU problems

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by jdoe., Jun 24, 2019.

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  1. jdoe.

    jdoe. New Member

    Hello! I am having problems with Razer's Game Manager software.

    I am on Windows 10 Version 1809, and have a few Razer peripherals.

    When I have Synapse running, on of its dependencies is using 10 - 20 % on the CPU, causing Windows to run its WMI Provider Host to also use an additional 30 - 50 % CPU (running an 8700k @ 5 GHz all-core). The reason I know that it is Razer Game Manager that causes the WMI spike is through looking at the errors in event viewer (linked) and following the ClientProcessID to the services. It is listing errors every few seconds with the ID attached to the Razer Game Manager software. After I go to the services manager, disable the Game Manager, and end the process (otherwise it auto launches again), the WMI spike goes away and everything is back to normal. Unfortunately, the Game Manager is a dependency for Synapse to start, so if I disable Game Manager and reboot, Synapse won't launch.

    I share concerns with other members in the forum that Razer is adding too much software to their base package. Most people don't need or want all the services running, and just use Synapse for RGB control, macros, and mouse sensitivity. I think you took a step in the right direction allowing users to choose if things like HUE and Razer Connect are installed when installing Synapse, but I think you should give the users more control over what is running. Most of us are fine changing our mouse profiles manually if it means not having bugs. Every time Synapse updates (I really try and not update it often, but it makes itself a pain in the ass) something breaks. I really think there needs to be an option to *not update the software if the user doesn't want the update*. I know you guys work on fixing bugs through updates, but in the end the client should be able to make the decision if they want the new version.

    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/edkwiY3
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