[RAZER GOLD] NEW USERS: Get 50% Bonus Razer Gold

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by Dekades, Sep 17, 2021.

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  1. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member


    Get up to $5 Bonus Razer Gold when you recharge to any game with your Gold wallet for the first time!

    From September 15, 2021 to September 30, 2021, join now and get 50% Bonus Razer Gold on your very first recharge with Razer Gold wallet. Simply recharge a minimum of $10 on any game or content with Razer Gold wallet. The bonus is capped at $5 and you will receive it in the form of a Bonus Razer Gold Voucher code in your email receipt after a successful transaction.

    Important* Stuff!
    • First time wallet recharge (yay!)
    • Must recharge into a game
    • Recharging into your Gold Wallet will not count

    * Terms and conditions apply. For more details visit: The New Razer Gold & Silver
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  2. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Great promo for new users who hadn't chance buy Razer Gold.
    Now the opportunity has come to them :)
  3. I.Nix

    I.Nix Well-Known Member

    i might take advantage of this offer!
  4. JETventureBurntUmber522

    JETventureBurntUmber522 Well-Known Member

  5. Natachat90

    Natachat90 Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Hello friends,

    Thanks Razer for this $5 extra bonus Razer Gold. :blush:
  6. 1799974383

    1799974383 New Member

  7. mozila80

    mozila80 Well-Known Member

    only for new user :slightly_sad:
  9. aiyionman

    aiyionman Well-Known Member

    Congrats for the new users!
  10. harshgupta246

    harshgupta246 Active Member

    Great way for increasing customer base Razer. Good luck !
  11. urbanPineGreeninsight181

    urbanPineGreeninsight181 Well-Known Member

    nice offer for new users
  12. Muhdsolehin67

    Muhdsolehin67 New Member

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  13. bSteakkk

    bSteakkk Well-Known Member

    this is a great deal to new gamers that joined the cult!
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  14. poppacalypse

    poppacalypse Well-Known Member

    yesss that's how we start them young... mwahahaha *rubs hands in evil fashion*
  15. FaezzulFarhan

    FaezzulFarhan Well-Known Member

    What a good deal !
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  16. Svnkiss

    Svnkiss New Member

    I made my first purchase and did not get my claim code; also can’t access live chat, could anyone help me?
  17. Svnkiss

    Svnkiss New Member

    And yes it was more than the minimum requirement
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  18. bizWeldonBluetools832

    bizWeldonBluetools832 Well-Known Member

    good stuff
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  19. EnChengGoal

    EnChengGoal New Member

    Ill heed this, thanks
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  20. Sacius

    Sacius Well-Known Member

    Nice one
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