Razer Hammerhead BT Audio Delay?

Discussion in 'Audio' started by DaFlamethrower, Apr 28, 2018.

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  1. DaFlamethrower

    DaFlamethrower New Member

    So, I find myself in an odd situation. I have just recently got myself a Razer Phone so I am in the market for a pair of Bluetooth earphones. However, I also watch a lot of Netflix and YouTube on my Ipad on my earphones. This seemed fine as I had wired earphones until they broke. So now I find myself needing a pair of good quality wireless earphones with little to no delay. At least delay that would not ruin my viewing experience. Through internet research, I have found that the Razer Hammerhead BTs are supposed to support the latest low-latency audio drivers but I have failed to get a straight answer as to just how much latency they have so I have come here. What sort of latency do these earphones have? How do they compare to other Bluetooth earphones at the same price and are they worth buying, or should I just get the regular V2's and use the Razer Phone's adapter? Thank you!
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  2. ReaperonYT

    ReaperonYT Active Member

    So far to what I can see the low latency is optimised using the Qualcomm aptX® audio codec (if your phone is compatible)

    According to the APTX website https://www.aptx.com/aptx, to supports a latency of less than 130ms.

    I personally have these headphones and haven't noticed anything that I would notice that would consider to be out of sync.
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  3. DaFlamethrower

    DaFlamethrower New Member

    Thank you ReaperonYT. Everything seems good then, I'll buy these earphones when I get home tonight! I'll report my experience back to this page in a few weeks time.
  4. ReaperonYT

    ReaperonYT Active Member

    How did you get on?
  5. dadref

    dadref New Member

    don't have a latency issue with hammerhead BT.
  6. DaFlamethrower

    DaFlamethrower New Member

    After using the earphones for a few weeks I can say there is a tiny audio delay, I think you were right in saying about 130-200 ms. You don't notice it unless you're really looking for it. The audio quality is great compared to other Bluetooth offerings I have tried but not the best at the over 100 euro price I got it for (however the low latency caters to me better as a gamer and media consumer) Overall I am very happy with my purchase. So is there an audio delay? Yes, but it's so minimal that lip syncs appear perfect in almost every situation and you will not notice it for the most part.
  7. Jstn00000

    Jstn00000 New Member

    Are you also having like some static noise when using it?
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