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Razer Hammerhead Duo for Consoles

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Dekades, Mar 2, 2020.

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  1. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

    1200x675 (7).png


    Double the Immersion with the new Razer Hammerhead Duo for Consoles featuring custom-tuned dual-driver technology that doubles your gameplay experience: rzr.to/hhduo

    Select your choice of green or black cables and experience a greater immersive sound on your console of choice. A durable aluminum frame, comfortable and secure fit, and a convenient in-line mic make it the ideal daily driver for gaming.

    Learn more: rzr.to/hhduo
  2. magictim

    magictim Well-Known Member

    I hope all Razer earphones will at least have a lighting logo on both sides!!

    That's how we love Razer's products!!

    DRIFT_IT Well-Known Member

    Release the Viper Mini, we needs it, we wants it.
  4. 0V3R_K1LL

    0V3R_K1LL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    The green contrasting cable looks amazing. All black is stealth and all but that Razer green is how you show love to the brand.
  5. RacianVD

    RacianVD Well-Known Member

    Where is the pink?!
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  6. Nilremagl

    Nilremagl Well-Known Member

    Nice to know Razer is considering his console gamers
  7. jakw0lf

    jakw0lf Well-Known Member

    I also wish like our fellow members if only it had a logo lighting, it would've been a complete piece. :smile_:
  8. babideebabidoo

    babideebabidoo Well-Known Member

    How about Sneky Snek earphones?
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  9. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Nice piece!
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  10. Natachat90

    Natachat90 Well-Known Member

    I find it very interesting to have a small earpiece.
    Razer Hammerhead looks comfortable to use. :blush:
  11. mozila80

    mozila80 Well-Known Member

    wireless edition?
  12. gstsdw

    gstsdw Well-Known Member

    Black on black oooh yeah! :D
  13. SylvanasMage

    SylvanasMage Well-Known Member

    Of course, never forget the console players. Nice gear!
  14. Kenserky

    Kenserky Well-Known Member

    Even if I just play from time to time on console, it's still good to see new products for those who really are into it.

    And like my comrades i have to ask :
    Where is the RGB logo ?
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  15. Maximusisback

    Maximusisback Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    The clean design!
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  16. bizWeldonBluetools832

    bizWeldonBluetools832 Well-Known Member

    Nice earbuds you got there!
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  17. dodo_0

    dodo_0 Well-Known Member

  18. fastTealBluebook762

    fastTealBluebook762 Active Member

    I like the Hammerhead ANC better
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  19. Maximusisback

    Maximusisback Well-Known Member VANGUARD

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  20. leetiensu77

    leetiensu77 New Member

    It will be great if razer can support with audio bluetooth receiver so that gamers on-the-go can enjoy that balanced detailed music/sound that don't break their bank. Not just finding enjoyment from dual drivers, but enjoying new found freedom from wired eq.
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