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Discussion in 'Audio' started by MistressWolf, May 2, 2021.


Will they make this?

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  1. MistressWolf

    MistressWolf New Member

    I have noticed that Razer has done collaborations with Pokémon, Sanrio, Doraemon, One Piece, Hyperspeed, A Bathing Ape, Star Wars, Cyberpunk 2077, Overwatch, Gears 5.
    I have no doubt I have missed a fair few.
    I was thinking, why not do a Pikachu headset? All yellow headset with Pikachu ears and the muffs/speakers light up red.
    Am I wrong for wanting this? They have made keyboard, two versions of a mouse and hammerheads as well for Pokémon. You think it will be too much to ask for this?

    Have a fantastic day.
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