Razer Huntsman Elite local profiles not saving to keyboard

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by flowhitEcru014, Aug 6, 2018.

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  1. flowhitEcru014

    flowhitEcru014 New Member

    As the title suggest, I'm having issues with saving profiles to the on-board memory. I'm using synapse 3 and dragging the profile to the memory card icon and making sure it is syncing. But once I change the profile using the FN + Menu key it just reverts back to default settings.
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  2. Razer.RedPanda

    Razer.RedPanda Guardian of the Forest

    Hello! Can you send us a short video of how you save the profiles to the onboard memory?
  3. flowhitEcru014

    flowhitEcru014 New Member

  4. Razer.RedPanda

    Razer.RedPanda Guardian of the Forest

    Thanks for the video. How many profiles do you have and how many do you store in the onboard memory? Also, do you have Synapse 3 open when you cycle through the profiles?
  5. flowhitEcru014

    flowhitEcru014 New Member

    I've only tried with one profile and no I have synapse 3 closed when I cycle to the profile. Does the profile save lighting settings?

    Any update on this?
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  6. Razer.RedPanda

    Razer.RedPanda Guardian of the Forest

    Have you tried with more than 1 profile? I sent you a PM so I can help you out with this.
  7. BananaZ94

    BananaZ94 Member

    Im having the same issue, when my synapse is closed i cant cycle the profiles.
    i have 3 profiles total
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  8. JADESandyTanbit788

    JADESandyTanbit788 New Member

    Pls share the workaround here instead of a pm. Having the same issue as well and probably so for many others. 3 profiles saved to the red, green, and blue local profile slots but keyboard lighting goes back to the default cycling once synapse is completely closed or when plugged into another PC without synapse.

    Cycling through the profiles using the fn and menu button only shows the menu button changing between profile colours, but the lighting effect stays at the defaulted cycling mode for all profiles.
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  9. flowhitEcru014

    flowhitEcru014 New Member

    Sadly, there is no solution. Apparently, the profile doesn't save lighting to onboard memory. It just saves key mapping. Hopefully this is something that can be added in a firmware update or synapse update. I know it can't be that hard because Logitech saves lighting to the onboard memory of their mice and keyboards.
  10. JADESandyTanbit788

    JADESandyTanbit788 New Member

    It's quite frustrating because they are still advertising it as a feature on their FAQ for the huntsman elite. For my own reasons, that feature was the deciding factor to get the keyboard as a replacement for the one I'm currently using at work - on a PC which I can't have programmes like synapse installed on....
  11. flowhitEcru014

    flowhitEcru014 New Member

    I hear you man... I'm in a similar boat predicament. I'm on a mac at work and there is no synapse 3 available for it. So I was hoping to save the profile through a windows VM and get it working that way. I always thought razer was cutting edge gear but if they can't even include a simple function like saving the lighting profile to the memory then maybe I should look elsewhere for gaming products.
  12. motosteveo

    motosteveo New Member

    Having the same issue here. I don't want Synapse running in the background so I will be returning the keyboard.

    It seems shady to me that Razer doesn't mention that you need to run their software in the background 100% of the time to use anything but the stock lighting. My DeathAdder Elite doesn't act this way. It's a shame, I liked the volume dial and new switches.
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  13. kolbykskk

    kolbykskk New Member

    Any updates on this? Are light settings ever going to be able to saved on-board?
  14. Drumace

    Drumace New Member

    I just got this keyboard today and I am having the same issue. I just wanted a simple one color on my keyboard without having synapse running in the background. I only get the default slow color change when synapse is not running however. There should be away to overwrite the default option that comes when you first plug your keyboard in.
  15. RazerTheBest1003

    RazerTheBest1003 New Member

    I also just baught my Huntsman Elite today, and i am having the same issues as you are reporting. I hope there is someway of getting around this problem, or it would be a total sacm form razer to sell this keybaord for $209. If you know anything, please PM me.
  16. rimbmore89

    rimbmore89 New Member

    Same issue. I bought this $200 keyboard with the intention of setting it up on PC and using it on console however it doesn't save to on board memory so I am stuck with this stupid boring rgb lighting by default with no way to change the lighting.

    Very dissatisfied with this expensive keyboard. Will be giving bad reviews and returning it for a Logitech that does save to memory. 2 thumbs down Razer. Very lazy. For the price this thing should save the profiles to memory and work without synapse open!
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  17. peeveskabrewdoo

    peeveskabrewdoo New Member

    Same issue. I'm using the Huntsman Elite at work on a PC, where I can't have Synapse installed or running. The only reason I went ahead and purchased was because the onboard profiles seemed like a workable solution for a really cool feature. But the lack of responsiveness / solutions from official staff members is casting some doubt on my purchase.

    I see Razer.RedPanda atleast responded to the thread creator back in August, but this is clearly an unaddressed issue. Is someone from Razer going to get in front of this for the others here or do we need to make more noise?

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  18. Scalipsum

    Scalipsum New Member

    Same issue here. A programmer who bought this expensive keyboard for gaming on a pc and writing code on a mac. I understand that there is no support for synapse 3 on mac but at least I wanted to customize the simple colors on the onboard memory so I will not have flashy colors while working. Kinda disappointed in this since it is advertised as a feature.
  19. gatsupl

    gatsupl New Member

    "The Keyboard tab is the main tab for your Razer Huntsman Elite. From here, you can change your device settings such as key assignments, gaming mode settings, and your device's lighting. Changes made under this tab are automatically saved to your system and cloud storage however, you need to click the On-board Profiles button to open the storage slots for your Razer device's on-board memory then drag and drop the profiles you want to store on your device."

    Either Synapse 3 is still broken or they deliberately left out that lighting is not stored on board memory even though it is a part of a profile. This is a major letdown and perhaps false advertising. :slightly_sad:
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  20. BloodyRazer

    BloodyRazer New Member

    Keeping this thread alive, same here, Razer whats up with updating this?
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