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  1. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    This is a Guide that will provide an explanation and help you get the Achievements/Rewards to earn zSilvers :)
    I will do my best to keep it Up to Date if there will ever be any changes or new achievements.

    So... Let's get going to helping you all get the achievements using Razer Insider !

    Getting Started
    Getting Started- Setup your Location, Date of Birth and Avatar (50 zSilver)
    Click Here for link, Or Move your mouse over the Avatar box on top right corner next to the magnifying glass, wait for the drop down options and select"Personal Details"

    The Bird and the Snake- Associate your Razer ID to Twitter (10 zSilver)
    Unfortunately, I don't think this achievement is obtainable anymore. Unless proven otherwise, please leave comments below to teach (;

    Did we just become best friends?- Associate your Razer ID to Facebook (10 zSilver)

    Know the Rules
    Good citizen- Visit the Community ReadMe section (5 zSilver)
    Click Here to go to the Community ReadMe section.

    Great scouting work!- Read the RazerStore Guide (5 zSilver)
    Click Here for the RazerStore Guide, Wise to read everything.

    Welcome to the Cult of Razer- Read the Razer Insider House Rules (5 zSilver)
    Click Here for the link to the House Rules,Do read the entire post.

    #ReadyToPost- Read the Posting guidelines (5 zSilver)
    Click Here to go to the Posting guidelines,Do read the entire post.

    Post Milestones
    Gained through posting in threads on Razer Insider.
    Please Remember to Follow the Posting guidelines.
    Hello World!- Publish first post (1 zSilver)

    Part-time author- Publish 50 posts (25 zSilver)

    Making your mark- Publish 100 posts (50 zSilver)

    Insider Dissertation- Publish 250 posts (100 zSilver)

    Best Novel Ever- Publish 500 posts (250 zSilver)

    Addicted to Razer Insider- Publish 1000 posts (500 zSilver)

    Too Much Words, So Little Time- Publish 1500 posts (750 zSilver)

    Another thousand for the road- Publish 2000 posts (1000 zSilver)

    Likes Received Milestones
    AGained through obtaining a Like on posts you made or posts made on your profile page

    Someone likes you- Receive first like (1 zSilver)

    Praise Worthy- Receive 25 likes (5 zSilver)

    Seriously likeable!- Receive 50 likes (25 zSilver)

    Don't get big headed- Receive 100 likes (50 zSilver)

    Impressive- Receive 250 likes (100 zSilver)

    Raining Likes- Receive 500 likes (200 zSilver)

    Social Butterfly- Receive 1000 likes (500 zSilver)

    Get Followed
    Gained through other Razer Insider User(s) following you.

    You're being watched- Get followed for the first time (5 zSilver)

    On the road to stardom- Get 5 followers (5 zSilver)

    Cheeky yet?- Get 10 followers (10 zSilver)

    Welcome to the cool kid's club- Get 20 followers (30 zSilver)

    You're a Star!- Get 50 followers (80 zSilver)

    Follow VIPs
    In Min we trust- Follow Razer CEO, Min-Liang Tan (15 zSilver)
    Click Here to get on Min-Liang Tan's Profile page to follow him.

    News Addict- Follow a Razer Official Staff (10 zSilver)
    Find a Razer Insider user with a Green Ribbon on their Profile Picture that shows"Official Staff"
    Here are a list of links to Razer Official Staff that you can follow. Simply click on their names.
    RΛZΞR|RaptureHearts+[In. Mod]

    RΛZΞR | Intrusion

    Meet the Keymasters- Follow an Insider Mod (5 zSilver)
    In addition to the Official Staff Users above that are also Insider Mods
    Here are a list of other Insider Mod(s), Simply click on their names.

    Received likes on a single post
    For these Achievements, it's getting Likes on Posts you made or left in a thread. I don't believe it counts with Profile Page posts.

    Eyes on ya!- Get 5 likes on one post (5 zSilver)

    Full Attention!- Get 10 likes on one post (10 zSilver)

    That's some quality content right there- Get 25 likes on one post (25 zSilver)

    You're on fire!- Get 50 likes on one post (50 zSilver)

    MVP: Most Valuable Post- Get 100 likes on one post (100 zSilver)

    Razer Hardware
    You are going to have to OWN them, Some says you must register your product's serial# onto Razer Synapse(Link here)using the SAME Email address as your Insider Acc.But from my own experience, I believe as long as you're logged into your Razer ID account,and plug the product/device into your computer and Synapse picks it up, you should be set, if not check out Support or speak with an Official Staff.

    Accuracy Up- You have a Razer mouse (100 zSilver)

    Type Master- You have a Razer keyboard (150 zSilver)

    Shine bright like a firefly- You have a Razer Firefly (50 zSilver)

    Travel Powerhouse- You have a Razer laptop (300 zSilver)

    You're Surround-ed- You have a Razer headset (100 zSilver)

    Rebel Alliance- You're from Nextbit (100 zSilver)

    The World Could Always Use More Heroes- You have a Razer Overwatch peripheral (150 zSilver)
    Have to take a picture and prove that the picture is yours,show it to an Official Staff User on Insider.(Simply show the product and your Insider Name on a piece of paper in the picture)

    Ready up Guardian!- You have a Razer Destiny 2 peripheral (150 zSilver)
    Swagged Out- You have Razer Apparel (100 zSilver)
    Meow- You have Razer Kitty Ears (50 zSilver)
    Carrying Offline Too- You have a Razer backpack (100 zSilver)
    #CleanAF- You have a Razer peripheral Mercury Edition (150 zSilver)
    ^Explanation above or maybe this works the same as plugging it into your computer for Synapse to pick up
    Locked and Loaded- You have a Razer peripheral Gunmetal Edition (150 zSilver)

    Share a Feature Thread weekly
    Tell a friend!- Shared a feature thread on Facebook (10 zSilver)

    Spread the news!- Shared a feature thread on Twitter (10 zSilver)
    Click on the Share & Tweet Button on top Right corner on a Feature Thread.

    Happy Birthday!- It's your big day (50 zSilver)

    Special Roles
    Life in Technicolor- You're a Razer Community Developer (100 zSilver)

    Guardian- You're an Insider Mod (100 zSilver)

    Enlightened- You're Razer's Staff (100 zSilver)

    Chief Gamer- You're Razer's CEO

    Visit Feature Threads weekly
    Simply check out the Huge Banners at the top of the site,Generally there are 5 Feature Threads,Clicking on 1 and staying on the page for a few seconds should get you the achievement.(But do all 5) Sometimes the system DOES glitch up and you'll just get any 1 of the 3 OR 2 of 3. Can be done WEEKLY
    What's up Insider?- You visited 1 feature thread this week (5 zSilver)

    Getting the Low-down- You visited 3 feature threads this week (10 zSilver)

    All caught up!- You visited 5 feature threads this week (15 zSilver)

    Offline Events
    Achievements will require you to provide Pictures as Proof and speak with the Official Staff as they will give you the achievement(s).

    -Offline- - Go to a Razer AFK (700 zSilver)

    Brick & Mortar FTW- Go to a physical RazerStore (300 zSilver)

    Booth party!- Visit the Razer Booth during an event (500 zSilver)

    Meeting VIPs
    Achievements will require you to provide Pictures as Proof and speak with the Official Staff as they will give you the achievement(s).

    Did that just happen?- You met Min-Liang Tan (2000 zSilver)

    Sweet Shenanigans- You met Razer|Quick (500 zSilver)

    Redbeard- You met Razer|Mjölnir (500 zSilver)

    Longevity Milestones
    Diehard Fan- You signed up on Razer Insider in 2014 (500 zSilver)

    Newbie- Your Insider account is 6 months old (300 zSilver)

    Time Flies!- Your Insider account is 2 years old (1000 zSilver)

    #4MoreYears- Your Insider account is 4 years old (2000 zSilver)

    Experience Tweaker
    The power of the Dark Side- You activated the Dark Mode (10 zSilver)

    There are 2 Ways of achieving this.
    1. Hovering your mouse pointer over your Profile Picture Icon on top right corner,select "Preferences"
    2.Easier Method,On the right hand side there are a couple of Sections for easy access & navigation,scroll down to"THE RAZER COMMUNITY"
    And Locate this button as shown below outlined in Red.

    Good Behavior
    These Achievements are gained through Razer Staff/Insider Mod Liking Post you've made on Threads, I'm not certain if it counts with Profile Page Likes.

    We like your style!- You received a like from a Razer Staff member (10 zSilver)

    Quality Content Right There- You've received 5 likes from a Razer Staff member (25 zSilver)

    Seal of Approval- You received 10 likes from a Razer Staff member (50 zSilver)

    Hot Stuff!- You received 25 likes from a Razer Staff member (100 zSilver)

    We want more!- You received 50 likes from a Razer Staff member (200 zSilver)

    Noticed.- You've received a like from a Razer Insider mod (5 zSilver)

    Keep It Up!- You've received 5 likes from a Razer Insider mod (25 zSilver)

    MOAR!- You've received 25 likes from a Razer Insider mod (100 zSilver)

    Mods' Favorite- You've received 50 likes from a Razer Insider mod (200 zSilver)

    Clean Slate- You didn't receive any warning this year (200 zSilver)

    Master Prestige- Your thread is part of Razer Insider highlights this month (300 zSilver)

    Razer Chroma
    Hoist the Colors- Show your Razer Chroma colors (200 zSilver)
    Post a picture of your Razer Chroma Peripherals Here, and I believe an Official staff will confirm it and they'll give you the achievement.

    A Shining Example- You're the featured Razer Chroma profile of the Month (300 zSilver)

    Fully Decked Out- You have a Razer mouse, keyboard and headset (500 zSilver)
    I believe you just need to have either registered your serial# for products on Synapse OR your Synapse has picked up the peripherals when plugged into a computer.

    Razer Synapse
    Tester-in-Chief- Participate in Razer Synapse 3 beta (100 zSilver)
    While Razer Synapse 3 is still in it's Beta Phase, Click Here to download the software and play around it for a few minutes. It will be apart of the Razer Central program if you have Razer Cortex already downloaded.
    So go give Synapse 3 a try right now ASAP while it's still in beta!

    Razer Cortex
    Who's Next? You Decide.- Vote for next month's Paid to Play games (50 zSilver)
    Click Here to be directed to the Section of the forum where you can find the Thread that allows you to vote for next month's Paid to Play games. The posts generally look like this:
    " Paid to Play -Insert Month Here- Refresh | Play & Vote! "

    You've Got Specs?- Update your PC parts on your profile (100 zSilver)
    Click Here or hover your mouse pointer over your Profile Picture Icon on top right corner and select "Personal Details" and scroll down to the "Battlestation Specs:" to input your computer's specs.

    Ready for Battle- Upload a photo of your setup (200 zSilver)
    For this Achievement Click Here OR On the top of the site Click on the [FORUMS >]button next to Rewards> and scroll down to the "Battlestations" Heading,then click on the "Show us your Battlestations!" Thread and post a picture of your Battlestation/Setup on the thread, I believe once an Official Staff confirms it, you'll get the achievement then.

    A Setup to Rule Them All- You're the featured Setup of the Month (300 zSilver)

    Post in a Feature Thread
    Get on the Hype Train- Publish a post in a feature thread (20 zSilver)
    Simply Post whatever comment you want in any Feature Threads.

    Game Talk
    Team Kill, Spray, Emote.- You've shared an Overwatch Play of the Game/Highlight (50 zSilver)
    Click Here, OR Click on the [FORUMS >] button then scroll down to Game Talk->Overwatch Talk,at the top locate the thread called "Overwatch | Share your Play of the Game & Highlights" and Post a link or Video of your own POTG or Highlight and once an Official Staff confirms it,you'll get the achievement.

    Welcome, Agents.- You've received the Athena flair in the Overwatch Talk Section (200 zSilver)
    I believe to get this Achievement, You must be at the top of your knowledge of the game and perhaps an Official Staff will notice you.

    Beyond Godlike- You've received the Aegis of the Immortal flair in the DOTA 2 Talk Section (200 zSilver)
    ^Explanation above

    Penta Kill- You've received the Hand of Baron flair in the League of Legends Talk Section (200 zSilver)
    ^Explanation above

    Razer Advocate
    I believe for these Achievements ALSO Labels like [Insider Mod] [Official Staff] you'd get [Something Advocate],and to get them,you must have alot of knowledge about certain Razer Products listed below. Helping out others with questions with products will help you get closer to these achievements!

    Did Someone Say DeathAdder?- You're a Razer Mouse Advocate (300 zSilver)

    Here Are the (Mechanical) Keys- You're a Razer Keyboard Advocate (300 zSilver)

    Let's Get Kraken!- You're a Razer Headset Advocate (300 zSilver)

    The Sharpest Blade- You're a Razer System Advocate (300 zSilver)

    Good Behavior weekly
    That's the Stuff- You've received a like from a Razer Staff member this week (10 zSilver)

    Mod Nod- You've received a like from a Razer Insider mod this week (10 zSilver)

    Give Likes weekly
    Sharing the Love- You've given a like (5 zSilver)

    Content Supporter- You've given 15 likes (25 zSilver)
    Achievements are gained WEEKLY,After an entire week,on the Monday after the week, you get the achievements depending on how many likes you've given.Remember you are only ALLOWED to give 5 Likes in 1 Day.
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  2. I wish I win a Razer Kraken or any headphones so i can hear my enemies
  3. kristofszabo

    kristofszabo Member

    How I get the Zsilver for apparel?
    Since I cant plug a hat into my computer i find it challenging
  4. hipo5PL

    hipo5PL New Member

    Send a message to one of moderators/community moderators with a pic of your hat and your nickname on a piece of paper :D


    Thank you man, Really Usefull


    Last edited: Jan 16, 2018
  7. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    Some of the rewards like those ones take a couple of weeks to register in and give you the reward, If you do not get the reward in a few weeks, you can contact an admin on here and get them to activate the reward manually for you.


  9. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    On the first post, find the tab called "Follow VIPs" And a lot of the Razer Official Staff users are listed there.
    Also avoid typing in all capital letters. As stated on "The Razer Insider House Rules."


    Thank you for the information and sorry for that mistake
  11. Maicooronero

    Maicooronero New Member

    why do not I have links to connect facebook and twitter?

    Attached Files:



    The same problem that i got, Because of that i don't know how to associate my razer id to facebook and twitter
  13. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's quite possible anymore? It used to be all accessible through a page you can reach under the drop down options under your avatar on top right corner. A lot of users have that problem too as I believe it was changed for a few months now.
  14. smartspaceship

    smartspaceship New Member

    Thanks for taking the time to make this post, its really helpful
    Qwertyuiiopp and BrianRevy like this.
  15. well done, does anyone know if there is a delay for your trophies? there should be at least 10-15 different trophies I have earned, for example I have Razer Keyboard, Mouse, and Headset all registered and it even shows on my account yet I havent unlocked the trophy for them yet. This is amongst quite a few other things I have done that the trophies havent shown up for yet and worse yet... no zsilver :0
  16. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    imo if these don't show up, there is the method of taking pictures of them, and having a piece of paper with your Insider name on it to prove the products in the picture are indeed yours :)
    dsilva8301 and ecko_raven like this.
  17. Ive just seen a few pop up when I signed in this morning. I guess it just takes some time, now Im only 170,000 more silver away from that blackwidow chroma :)... lol thanks man

    btw it looks like everything in your guide gives the rewards instantly. Im still waiting for a few more to sync up. It looks like since I registered my equipment it gave me the trophies, so I didnt have to take pictures. But things like my PC specs and some other profile related stuff hasnt shown an alert yet.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 8, 2018
  18. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    If i remembered correctly, I believe the PC Specs took under 24hrs. As for the other profile things, I had them done back when I first started using Insider, so there wasn't as much trophies before compared to now. And I'm glad the guide helped out :)
  19. i2apier

    i2apier Member

    Very informative and helpful. Thanks!
  20. xpsykongroo

    xpsykongroo New Member

    thanks this helped a lot
    xcorer likes this.
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