Razer Insider weekend chat: GOTY 2014?

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by technokat, Dec 19, 2014.

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  1. -yh_no_id

    -yh_no_id New Member

    Heartstone was the best by far !!
  2. Grenad

    Grenad New Member

    Bayonetta 2 hands down, along with Smash 4.

    2014 wasn't that exciting IMO on PC (mostly because I wasn't paying much attention to PC last year), not to mention the total lack of games on PS4/Xbox One and that joke called "Destiny".
  3. 42tech

    42tech New Member

    Dark souls 2, not as good as dark souls but still fun and challenging.
  4. xarbero

    xarbero New Member

    Diablo 3 ROS for me. FIxed the broken game completely, deffinatly if you look at the support they've been giving it since.
  5. marknl

    marknl New Member

    agree with Diablo 3 ROS. Best game and support
  6. rednasragoe

    rednasragoe New Member

    looks good
  7. OPALhitBubbles685

    OPALhitBubbles685 New Member

    2014 was trully a poor year .. Watch Dogs fails , the Crew fails..
    Hearthstone was good for waiting 2015.
    Bayonetta, super smash bros were cool too.
    Lord of the fallen for the challenge.

    Black desert online, Kingdom Come, Star Citizen. I hope i'll dream this year a bit more.
  8. Kevin_Cookie

    Kevin_Cookie New Member

    Definitly GTA 5 for the PS4 and Xbox One. Stunning Graphics. But also Far Cry 4 is an awesome Game
  9. flameblites

    flameblites New Member

    I think my fav game would be League of legends and my favorite paid game would have to be skyrim
  10. MrCerbi

    MrCerbi New Member

    Hi, my favorit is my most played. Hearthstone. ;)
  11. Since the release date for SMT IV in the EU was 2014, I choose that as my GOTY.
    But I also enjoyed Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Bravely Default, Smash Bros and would also have enjoyed AC:Unity if it weren't for all the bugs and the poor framerate...
  12. JayEmVee

    JayEmVee New Member

    SoM is innovative and will definitely be a reference point for EVERY SINGLE ACTION GAME that follows, the nemesis system was a breakthrough, that's undeniable.

    The game of the year has to be Inquisition tho, there are few single player experiences that can be as intense as BioWare games and inquisition has even improved on Origins and II and made it more intense with almost no fillers for those who just want to experience the world-saving experience. The emotional depth of the characters from Inquisition can only find a match in games like Mass Effect, other Dragon Age games, or even old Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

    If the game of the year is to be measured in the impact it has had on the gaming community, then it would have to be Hearthstone, hands-down. That's not the way I see it tho.
  13. Paam1290

    Paam1290 New Member

    Shadow Of Mordor, most definitely. Awesome combat system and mechanics.
  14. zlgenuine

    zlgenuine New Member

    Recently, I found that dota2 did not send a gift to the players whose dota2 levelled up.
    It is not good.
  15. geoOrangeSodaweb805

    geoOrangeSodaweb805 New Member

    South Park: The Stick of Truth....One of the few games of 2014 that could keep me on my computer 24/7
  16. freshCoralfun173

    freshCoralfun173 New Member

    goty fps: Destiny. easily the best entertainment dollar
  17. maryannz

    maryannz New Member

    My brother got me dragon age inquisition for christmas and its such a beautiful game. I finally saw a dragon! then it flew away from me :slightly_sad: But definitly a game i would recommend.
  18. maryannz

    maryannz New Member

    Also, another game i really enjoyed was south park stick of truth. Its just like the shows and if you have hours to kill, i would recommend playing it because you'll definitely have fun.
  19. Eldwardo55

    Eldwardo55 Member

    I played a whole bunch of Farm Simulator 2015 :)
  20. kixareforkids

    kixareforkids New Member

    I would go with Dragon Age Inquisition. i did not know that game was going to be so good until i bought it and am still putting tons of hours into it. Definitely worth the money because it takes a long time to beat and also has a great story.
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