Razer is Scamming me

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by rushVoltbus154, Apr 18, 2018.

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  1. rushVoltbus154

    rushVoltbus154 New Member

    I don't care if i'm wrong, i don't care if this gets deleted or censored 1000 times, i will post it every single day until someone does something about it. I'm broken right now.

    I'll be brief so as not to bore anyone with details.

    I purchased a Razer blade Stealth.
    I purchased a Razer Core.

    Core had broken battery - RMA
    Core didn't connect at all - RMA
    Core connected but disconnected after few seconds every time - RMA to headquarters
    Core disconnected every time any application was launched - RMA and sent back my stealth

    Told 1-5 days for repairs

    5 days later told it should be done
    2 days later no response, message razer twice no response, call support directly, my stealth motherboard is broken??

    My stealth motherboard?? It's been broken???
    I'm calling bullshit.
    Here's my prediction:

    Stealth comes back, doesn't work - RMA or die
    "Oh your warranty on the stealth is expired, you gotta pay XXX dollars for new motherboard"
    Simple trick, makes them money, works every time. Laptop has worked fine no problems except with their shitty black box that blows air.

    Now magically, my motherboard is broken. Even if it's not a scam, it looks like a scam, smells like a scam, and sure as hell feels like one. And if it looks like a duck....

    If you go to get an oil change at a mechanic and he tells you that some random part is broken do you just take his word for it, if you have a bad cough and a doctor looks at you and says you have lung cancer do you not get a second opinion? No. These people want money. That's their end goal. At the end of the day service or care don't matter. Razer wants my money and im 99% sure they're sending me a broken laptop or one with a time bomb in it.

    This is mainly a rant, but if you can prove me wrong please do. Because i could use some hope at this point.
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