Razer keyboard driver not working

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by F4masPT, Dec 1, 2022.

  1. F4masPT

    F4masPT New Member

    upload_2022-12-1_20-26-17.png upload_2022-12-1_20-26-27.png

    At first, some keys of my keyboard weren't working on this PC but other pcs worked fine and now the keyboard isn't even being recognized. I've tried everything from uninstalling drivers to updating them and nothing works
  2. FiszPL

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    Try doing clean synapse and drivers reinstall:
    1. Uninstall Synapse
    2. Download & run this tool: https://rzr.to/Tf53xj to remove any razer drivers/leftovers
    3. Then restart your PC
    4. After reboot install Synapse again (as administrator).
  3. Legiev

    Legiev New Member

    How do you Install synapse as an administrator?
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