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Razer Kiyo - Not Detected by PC

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Markd03, Sep 8, 2020.

  1. Markd03

    Markd03 New Member

    Hi I just recently bought a Razer Kiyo, and it was working just fine for about a week. Then, I tried using it one day for school and I noticed the camera wasn't working. I tried troubleshooting it for about 2 days now, but I just can't seem to figure it out. I plugged it into my USB port that is double-checked to be fully functioning, and it won't even appear anywhere on my PC. I plugged my Razer Kiyo into my old laptop to ensure that it wasn't a faulty camera, and it worked just fine on there. Here's a list of everything I have done and tested multiple times:
    • I tried various USB ports, and ensured each were working properly
    • I updated Windows and any other updates
    • I tried manually installing the drivers for the Razer Kiyo
      • I failed to do so as the installation page said that the Razer Kiyo needed to be plugged in to my PC to do so. (It was plugged in)
    • Tried nearly everything and updated every driver in the device manager
    • Turned off Wi-Fi to see if maybe it was blocking the connection
    • Turned off my Anti-Virus/Firewall in case that was blocking connection as well
    • Called Razer Support (very nice, but not much help)
      • Didn't help me realize anything I didn't know
    • Called Microsoft to see what their thoughts were
      • Re-installed Windows on my computer
      • Had their experts take control of my computer, and try to manually fix it
    • Re-installed all Razer apps such as synapse 3 and cortex on my PC
    That was everything I have tried in the last 48 hours, but nothing seemed to do the trick. Any suggestions? I'm desperate! Thank you for the help in advance!
  2. tbessie

    tbessie New Member

    I just ordered one, so I hope I don't have any such problems.

    The "reinstall Windows" gambit is ridiculous - Microsoft is never any help. You shouldn't need to reinstall an entire OS just to get a simple webcam device working...

    - Tim
  3. Markd03

    Markd03 New Member

    I know it didn't make sense, but I listened to them because just in case. It's still not working though I don't know what to do lol
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