Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 on Synapse 3!

Discussion in 'Audio' started by uppakk, Jul 10, 2018.

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  1. CaptnHammer

    CaptnHammer Member

    Per another thread I saw somewhere here they've been focused on fixing bugs/crashes in v3. Admirable and necessary work to which I say thank you as, a new user, I've managed not to hit any of the bug/crashing issues reported across synapse/chromaStudio/Hue Integration, etc

    For myself, I'm mostly irked and mildly inconvenienced with having to run both v2 and v3 SW to support my mix of devices. Hoping they can shift resources back to feature work from bug work now that the product seems more stable...pretty please with a cherry on top?
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  2. Nrman

    Nrman New Member

    You were actually able to make the request so much more polite and compelling than I did. Lol.
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  3. VoorheesMMA

    VoorheesMMA Well-Known Member

    its actually annoying as f**k. having to have synapse 2 for my man o war wireless yet my kb, mouse & mouse pad & headset stand & rgb lights all work with synapse 3. youd think they would be smart about it and help us customers out
  4. CaptnHammer

    CaptnHammer Member

    I too do the softwarez - the struggle is real. That said, having to use beta software for production devices (with no alternate) seems dicey at best...

    ...waiting patiently, for now...
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  5. Nodeninja

    Nodeninja New Member

    Why run both 2 and 3? Are there some components that aren't supported by 2? I just have a LanceHead mouse and the Kraken headset, so maybe I'm missing something. The only really annoying part for me is the update notification popping up all the time letting me know that 3 is out there.
  6. Maximusisback

    Maximusisback Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Nope, still waiting for the Synapse 3 Beta to get updated and include it
  7. johnibazooka

    johnibazooka New Member

    The Chroma functions, amongst other things are way more advanced in Synapse 3 compared to 2. And since the 7.1 Kraken supports Chroma, it would be nice if it could be synced with the other products Razer have made available in Synapse 3, which you can customize much, much more. Kinda looks off if the keyboard and mouse chroma lights are synced in a specific colour and pattern, but the headset just sits there and does not wanna play along. You know.
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  8. VoorheesMMA

    VoorheesMMA Well-Known Member

    im with you, not had one problem at all really, dont even open it. leave it on start up and its not a problem. yup its annoying having a man o war wireless and having just one program for one product when all my others are on 3.0 but im not to worried its a pain but im not to fussed. hopefully one day boys (and maybe girls) one day!
  9. HipHopBlond

    HipHopBlond New Member

    So here we are almost a year later in the same situation... I can finally see they are adding some usb headphones to synapse 3: like the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition, but still no word on others... like one of the most famous headset they have, the kraken 7.1 v2. The whole reason I switched to razer was the software... well not the software only, but it was a strong selling point for me. Had no idea it will take this long if ever. Do we have to start cursing here to get some attention? As someone working in the industry, I just don't get why is it taking so long.
  10. 0V3R_K1LL

    0V3R_K1LL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    You would think with the popularity of the kraken 7.1 v2 they would include it into Synapse 3 first but even after years of waiting there is still nothing on the horizon so far.
  11. HipHopBlond

    HipHopBlond New Member

    Am I the only one who's headset every now and then gets disconnected from Synapse 2.0??? what the hell razer... I can't use even synapse 2.0 anymore!? :D Headset is working fine.

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  12. Dizzemizze

    Dizzemizze New Member

    Hallo?! Razer?
  13. MCRemzi

    MCRemzi New Member

    Still... Razer... Seriously. I want to configure my Kraken too... But is there really 2 Synapses to be installed? That cant be the solution to this...
  14. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    This is still happening, it seems easiest to just keep Synapse 2 uninstalled:frown_:
  15. Yeah that sucks hard. That's the reason my next headset wont be a razer. Using synapse 2 is awful and I got so many problems with it. I'll get a new one in 3 months. If synapse 3 isnt supporting headsets until then, ill get a HyperX. Software is just such a big problem on so many hardware brands, not only razer :/
  16. CaptnHammer

    CaptnHammer Member

    To those saying that Synapse 3 supports NO headsets - this is incorrect - the NARI line of sets is indeed supported. Don't get me wrong - I have a set of Kraken v2s as well as Nari Ultimates - the fact that this very popular headset isn't supported yet is indeed a bummer. But to say that there are literally no options is simply not true.
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  17. johnibazooka

    johnibazooka New Member

    There's no options for the people who can't afford to just scrap perfectly good hardware, to upgrade for software purposes because a multi million dollar company can get off their asses and fix software support for their most popular headset retroactively..
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  18. Steven909

    Steven909 New Member

    I even redownloaded synapse 2.0 and it doesn't show up. When opening 2.0 it only brings up the settings tab where it links me to download 3.0.
  19. Dr_Axton

    Dr_Axton Member

    I know the feel- keeping synapse 2 just for one headset. To make things worse it resets the settings every time my system starts, so I need to constantly change the volume. So annoying
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  20. AS_Ronin

    AS_Ronin New Member

    So I bought the Kraken 7.1 V2 just now, and I wanted to install Synapse 2 to enable all the surround goodness, but I keep getting stuck at the "Verifying your account" screen. And Synapse 3 will install and launch, but it doesn't show my Headset. Does that mean I bought a 7.1 headset, that effectively can only be used as a stereo Headset now?
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