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    Hello everyone, my name is Illia, and I am from Ukraine. I am a junior motion designer. I decided to start my journey in motion with a video project that will bring pleasure not only for me, but also to others.

    As you understood the main theme, the project will be about the Razer Kraken gaming headphones.


    Because if you buy a Razer, its once and for all. Kraken headphone is what a gamer wants to have without fail. For millions of users, including me, this is the personification of extra self-confidence in any game!

    Let's get back to the project. How did I get started?

    I started to get ideas by watching the works (videos) of cool motion designers, studios and companies. I began to save excerpts from these videos, took the most interesting for myself to rely on these ideas to collect an approximate view of how I would like to see my video.

    After that, I began to look for additional information on the forums: I talked with fans, discussed with friends what is the beauty of these headphones, what are the pros and cons. It is important for me to take into account our opinion with you, the consumers of the product, in order to introduce certain colors into this project.

    I collected pictures, colors and videos to have the mood that I want to convey in the video :)

    My next step was to open a program where i worked with 3D graphics, and started mini scenes (animation) at a primitive level (for example instead of headphones that will be in the frame, there were ordinary cubes, balls, etc., primitive figures), it was important for me at first watch the dynamics of the video. How it will look.

    And then I realized that everything is cool! It is worth continuing.

    Then there was a lot of work on creating high-quality, smooth animation. In order for our eyes to notice all the beauty. 2 second shot.gif
    After that, I began to fill my 3D scenes with good, high-quality models, and roughly painted everything in colors, making a kind of sketch of the tones in which the project will be.
    my hand v2гифка.gif

    Currently, I have already begun to deal with another interesting point, this is the embedding of real shooting frames into my 3D graphics, so the video will be more lively. You see my hand pulling out the headphones (see the gif above).

    The next thing I plan to do is to improve the embedding of filming, and then I’ll start filling with all the necessary paints, lighting, and materials so that you and I can distinguish leather, metal and plastic on the headphones. Soon you will see a completely finished video. It remains only to wait a little :)

    Thank you for your time, I will be glad to receive your feedback and recommendations.

    The full video will eventually be on my instagram:

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