Razer Kraken Kitty edition aduio troubles

Discussion in 'Audio' started by die_hard_, Aug 5, 2022 at 9:26 PM.

  1. die_hard_

    die_hard_ New Member

    Hey. I've tried almost everything (removing the device, resetting Bluetooth completely, making sure it's registered as a playback device, everything people have recommended, to the official web pages and still no luck. The audio comes in and out but for the most part, it's simply just no sound. (my Bluetooth version for my PC is 11.3, so I wonder if that's the issue?)

    Thank you in advance to the people who might know how to help!
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  2. Joker0418

    Joker0418 New Member

    Hey, i'm having the same issue with the wire headphones tho. It randomly connects and disconnect with no reason. i have tryed everything and i still experience teh same thing. Also playing with friends they hear some static noise. i also tryed in another PC with different USB ports and still the same
  3. die_hard_

    die_hard_ New Member

    Yeah no, I think that might be more of a hardware issue, I just simply gave up and brought it back to the store and got some JBL ones, they're a little more expensive but no real problems yet
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