Razer Kraken Pro V2 - The Headset for Esports Pros

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Razer.WolfPack, Sep 29, 2016.

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  1. PlatinumC

    PlatinumC Active Member

    Don't necro :slightly_sad:
  2. FearLezZ1990

    FearLezZ1990 Active Member

    Why is the black version out of stock in Germany :'(
  3. smiley-face002

    smiley-face002 Active Member

    They are maybe very popular in your country.:wink_:
  4. chic4

    chic4 Member

    Very better than V1 I think.I will buy it!
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  5. smiley-face002

    smiley-face002 Active Member

    That's for sure, The V2 has got a large upgrade.
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  6. SnakeGuy123

    SnakeGuy123 Active Member

    Just purchased one, (my first RAZER product,) and I have to say, they are AMAZING! The comfort is incredible, and great sound quality makes it even better. Retractable mic is awesome, love the mute feature.
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  7. Burgz

    Burgz Well-Known Member

    Glad you're lovin' it.

    I'm surprised your first Razer product is a headphone. Have you considered purchasing any other peripherals?
  8. SnakeGuy123

    SnakeGuy123 Active Member

    I have, and I'm pretty much going to replace them as my old peripherals wear out. I had an old pair of crappy on-ear headphones that REALLY needed to go, and these seemed like the best replacements. I'm pretty sure I was right! I would love to purchase more Razer items, but for now I just don't have the cash. Amazing quality, though!
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  9. FearLezZ1990

    FearLezZ1990 Active Member

    Off topic: What's the typical first Razer product in you opinion? Mine was a white Copperhead. The last was a Razer Blade 14 2017.

    Back to the topic: I really want one but the lack of chroma holds me back :/
  10. Burgz

    Burgz Well-Known Member

    I'd say the Razer DeathAdder Classic, since it's one of Razer's best-selling items that raised to the top on its own.
  11. RasulaYadithya

    RasulaYadithya New Member

    I'm having a prob with my mic on my V2
    Sound is too low on R6S
  12. Katana_x_II7

    Katana_x_II7 Well-Known Member

    try turning your mic gain up
  13. ZFPuhi

    ZFPuhi New Member

    Everything looks good but why the Razer Emblem is dead on the headset :/ it was going to be awesome if the emblem was alive in a color .. :slightly_sad:
  14. RZ2000

    RZ2000 Active Member

    RBG logos? Why not but I never really understood the purpose anyways
  15. ZFPuhi

    ZFPuhi New Member

    Ahh I like the Black color but I do not like that the Emblem is Black also that's wut I mean, like even if it's like an outline to simply see the logo :slightly_sad:
  16. RZ2000

    RZ2000 Active Member

    Sure! I don't mind LEDS if I can turn them off and never see them again ;) I do understand why people like them and I think all logos should have RGB, just for the effects ;)
  17. Nazka

    Nazka Active Member

    I have it and I swapped from my Man'O'War TE to it, it's wonderful!
  18. Lavatruckclassic875

    Lavatruckclassic875 New Member

    i have to say that the V2 is much better than the old one especially on the MIC. That is the only thing why i leave it at the first play. Really want to try it, but i already have Man O War now.
  19. xkronoss

    xkronoss New Member

    i have those in white yei!
  20. apachewoolf

    apachewoolf New Member

    Next on my list of Razer gear to get. Are Chroma Krakens ever coming out?
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