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Razer Kraken TE Background Hiss/Static Issue

Discussion in 'Audio' started by pingping2993, Jul 27, 2019.

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  1. pingping2993

    pingping2993 New Member

    If I plug my headset into the USB Audio Controller, there is noticeable background static when sound is playing. As far as I know, everything else is fine.

    The problem doesn't exist plugged directly into any 3.5mm jack.
    The problem doesn't exist if I plug the USB Audio Controller into my friend's computer.
    The problem starts existing if my friend plugs their USB Audio Controller into my computer.

    Reinstalling Synapse 3 doesn't do anything. It's isolated to my computer or something?

    The static is quiet but irritating when listening to quiet sounds or background sounds in games. (I typically listen to headphones at very low volumes)

    Can't find any fixes. Have been suggested as a USB port issue, but this is an issue on all of my ports, including dongles onto USB-C ports. I haven't had any other problems with these ports, so it doesn't make much sense.

    Any fixes?
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  2. xARACHN1D

    xARACHN1D Well-Known Member

    No I have the exact same problem. I would also like an answer. I have done everything I can think of. It might be the thx spatial audio though. I use the Kraken TE in green.
  3. ErrorSnipeZz

    ErrorSnipeZz Member

    try another headphone, if the problem appears again you can try to reinstall your complete Razer TE audio drivers.

    But first, check your audio settings.
    Do you run multiple Synapse software (2 and 3?)
    Do you have an audio mixer installed (maybe preinstalled?)
    If so, close them. (Problem solved?)

    Go to the windows audio settings (where you can set your devices as default), go to all your Razer Kraken TE devices and set their settings to default (for example disable all windows extra fearures like surround sound) and decrease the audio quality to it's preconfigured value (mostly CD quality)
    then enable the check boxes for the access through other software only.
    Restart Razer Synapse.

    If you have tested your sound with a different headset and it sounds normal, your Razer TE Headset may be broken.
    If it sounds bad with different headsets too, your audio card may be broken.
  4. lizart95

    lizart95 New Member

    Notify razer about it this is ongoing problem since the TE is released.
  5. lizart95

    lizart95 New Member

    The work around is to move the game/chat wheel on the controller all the way to chat and in windows to make the default playback device to be Kraken TE chat.
  6. pingping2993

    pingping2993 New Member

    I set my device to Chat and set it all the way to chat and the problem persisted.
  7. pingping2993

    pingping2993 New Member

    Everything is default. I'm sure the headset isn't broken since it works fine on my friend's computer.
    My sound card is fine, since it works perfect through my card's 3.5mm output.
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  8. ErrorSnipeZz

    ErrorSnipeZz Member

    i got a deadly sound while listening to music after starting my laptop from the sleep modus.
    The problem could be fixed through changing the audio output from Razer THX to Razer Chat and back again. Maybe this simple way is enough for your problem too.
    Do you have the problem on all audio outputs (Razer Chat, Game, THX)?
  9. pingping2993

    pingping2993 New Member

    That actually worked.

    I’ve been trying to fix this for a month.

  10. pingping2993

    pingping2993 New Member

    When the DAC is set to max volume, there is no static.

    When it is set to low volume, there is static galore.

    The static is in the DAC. Odd.
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