Razer Kraken TE hissing/static noise in background

Discussion in 'Audio' started by devylinn, Feb 10, 2021.

  1. devylinn

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    Hi. Three days ago I bought this headset (Kraken TE) and I have this issue. I hear this hissing/static noise in the background when I'm using the USB controller, if I plug the headset straight into the jack I don't have any problem.

    I also noticed that when I'm using the USB controller, I hear the noise when the volume is high on the cable, If i'm just turning down the volume a bit then is less noticeable. The worse part is that is always there, when is quiet, listening music or someone is talking, I can hear it even worse. Also, I made some research before writing this and I saw some old posts with this issue. I've already tried reinstalling the sound driver, razer synapse, plug/unplug the usb controller.

    I'm just curious if someone managed to find a solution for this. I'm using a laptop and I don't have another PC atm to test the headset, but I'm pretty sure they are alright and If I replace them it will do the same.
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  2. Williambs

    Williambs New Member

    Hi, this problem happens to me too, i have the same headset. When this happens the cpu has the windows audio device graph isolation on High Alt-delete him and let him return. For last, try to enter Synapse 3 and select him as your default audio. Man this happened for me too when i had the windows 7, then i changed to windows 10....
  3. adoanwdoi12

    adoanwdoi12 New Member

    We can't help but notice your comment. Allow us to help you out with the issues that you're experiencing with your Razer Kraken Tournament Edition.

    Nox/ vidmate vlc
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