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Razer Kraken TE no sound

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by AlinTheSinner, Jan 14, 2021.

  1. AlinTheSinner

    AlinTheSinner New Member

    I have used this headset for a while and no problems have occured , but now I don't get any sound from the headset if it's set on TE-Game or THX Spatial - Synapse which worked before , for now it works only on TE-Chat . And on TE-Chat compared to TE-Game the volume is like halved or something .
  2. Razer.SpeedCr0ss

    Razer.SpeedCr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Hi there! Thanks for creating this thread. That's odd. Does the issue happen when connecting the headset to another Windows computer with Synapse 3.0 installed? Please repair your Razer Synapse 2.0 and see if it helps by following the steps below:

    1. Right-click the Start button.
    2. Select Apps and Features.
    3. Search for Razer.
    4. Select Synapse.
    5. Choose to uninstall.
    6. "Uninstall" again.
    7. Wait for the Razer menu to open, then select "Repair".
    8. Wait for the repairing process to finish and restart once it prompts you.
    9. Central services will request you to log in, then launch Razer Synapse.
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