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Discussion in 'Audio' started by Nocturnal_Toker, Jul 13, 2020.


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  1. Nocturnal_Toker

    Nocturnal_Toker New Member

    Hi, I'm not sure if this kind of post is allowed but I have seen these dotted over the internet alot so thought I'd share mine to help others if they can't find the "perfect" EQ. I messed around with mine for about 40 mins and This is what I got sounds good for almost everything imo.

    Use the THX Spacial sound output on windows and set as default.

    EQ Settings =

    31Hz | 5
    63Hz | 2
    125Hz | -2
    250Hz | 4
    500Hz | 1
    1kHz | 0
    2kHz | 2
    4kHz | 3
    8kHz | 4
    16kHz | 6

    Enhancements - Sound Normalization = Enable and set to 23%

    If you have the Tournament edition with the Digital Audio Controller then set the Bass to about 50%-60%
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  2. xmaxx1981

    xmaxx1981 New Member

    thanks bro
    Bass to about 50% -60%
    If the bass is completely off, this is how many taps up?
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  3. wo0dy1

    wo0dy1 New Member

    I got these today and my got it the worst headset I have ever head.. right off the bat its like being in an plane, ears have that weird pressure on it.. they constantly have a muffled sound to it no matter what settings i put in, these here or any others I have found across the forums. everythign is set as it should be, even turned the bass right down and took it up in increments, but nothing changes the muffled output...

    Any advice?
  4. xmaxx1981

    xmaxx1981 New Member

    If you set the equalizer settings as indicated above, it will turn out fine, much better than the logitech g430. At first I also could not get used to the bass, but now everything is fine. Much better than presets for movies or games.
    Bass 7-8 clicks
  5. gonandre90

    gonandre90 New Member

    You use this preset for games?
    What should i do in Mixer window at Synapse, there i have a list of games I'm using, i must put surround sound there, sometimes i think that stereo works better.
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  6. Arkadaşlar tablete taktım jak girişinden aşırı az geliyor oyun oynrken ses yardımcı olabilecek varmı yada bilen
  7. Kyusinx

    Kyusinx New Member

    Thanks for these EQ settings. I was using the Game preset before because it sounded much more lively than Default/Flat, and you're EQ sounded even better to my ears. I've only tested it with Linkin Park so far but I see myself keeping this custom EQ going forward. I have Sound Normalization disabled though

    I wish the USB THX adapter allowed us to tell what the heck setting we have for Bass boost. I don't even know what the default is anymore. Bugs my OCD trying to guess where the middle of the dial is
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  8. jakw0lf

    jakw0lf Well-Known Member

    Good EQ choice right there, thanks for posting here in the community.
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  9. GGOguys

    GGOguys New Member

    Hi i bought this headset one week ago and i don´t know how use the razer synapse and if this could be use to lisent music, Might you help me?
  10. moumouyum

    moumouyum New Member

    can someone recommend razer kraken bt eq for pubg, especially better for hearing steps
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  11. Saisoku_YUE

    Saisoku_YUE New Member

    Love you for those settings ty ^^
  12. I was just thinking the same bro, what a waste...
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  13. Welkeen221

    Welkeen221 New Member

    Man I really love your Setting this change the sound of this headset from "decent" to "ASTONISHINGLY PERFECT"
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  14. 862041D08416766

    862041D08416766 New Member

    [QUOTE = "Welkeen221, post: 751805, member: 1522773"] Чувак, мне очень нравится ваша настройка, изменив звук этой гарнитуры с "приличного" на "УДИВИТЕЛЬНО ИДЕАЛЬНОЕ" [/ QUOTE]
    Что значит вот это настройка? Если у вас есть версия Tournament с цифровым аудиоконтроллером, установите уровень низких частот примерно на 50% -60%.? и когда играешь в кс го THX на аудиоконтролере включаешь ? и что стоит в настройках по звуку ?
  15. MaidrobX

    MaidrobX New Member

    here are my EQ settings that works with everything kinda well "especially made for music"
    i tried to make it balanced so it gives u max bass without losing the audio
    so here it is :
    31Hz : 12
    63Hz : 7
    125Hz : 2
    250Hz : 0
    500Hz : -1
    1kHz : 0
    2kHz : 1
    4kHz : 2
    8kHz : 2
    16kHz : 3

    Bass Boost : On (100)
    Sound Normalization : Off
    Vocal Clearity : Off

    (play with the settings as much as you want, but this worked really well with me)
    my headset is HyperX Cloud 2

    there is other option that u can use aswell working really good

    12 / 8 / 5 / 2 / -1 / 0 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 4
    bass on 100
    sound normalization off
    vocal clearty off

    have fun :heart:
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  16. sirene661

    sirene661 New Member

    You saved my life! Omg how much better it is LMAO
  17. ermaneng

    ermaneng New Member

    best settings for music imo
    31 | 4
    63 | -1
    125 | -3
    250 | -5
    500 | -4
    1 | -2
    2 | 0
    4 | 1
    8 | 2
    16 | 2

    bass on 100
    sound normalization 55%
    vocal clarity off
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  18. hzar89

    hzar89 New Member

    Hi may i know how to know if the bass level are already 100% for kraken ultimate edition? Because i did not hear any beep sound like the volume does when it max..
  19. hzar89

    hzar89 New Member

    Sorry not ultimate but tournament.
  20. skully78

    skully78 New Member

    For the mixer tab on razer synapse 3 should i use stereo, surround sound, thx environmental mode or thx competitive mode?
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