Razer Kraken Tournament Edition THX Spatial Audio causing Pops or Buzzing

Discussion in 'Audio' started by skatcat31, Feb 21, 2019.

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  1. skatcat31

    skatcat31 New Member

    So I have a Razer Kraken Tournament Black Edition.

    I have installed Synapse 3(latest), uninstalled, reinstalled, swapped it to all 13 USB ports and nothing seemed to work. The audio on other computers would POP in and play, and on this computer it would just... not play. It couldn't even play a Windows Test sound, and I'm assuming eventually that the other computers would eventually stop playing sound too.

    Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't help. Neither did removing the drivers and putting them back. It works without them... but then my mouse doesn't work the way I want.

    However after disabling the THXService the sound works fine, and there are no play back issues.
    Disabling this does of course disable the THX Audio in Synapse and sometimes prevents it from starting(simply start the service temporarily and then disable it once Synapse is running). It does however also make sound playback work again.

    I have reported this to support so hopefully a fix comes out soon. Until then I hope this also helps others. It's sad the THX has to be disabled, but these are great headphones anyways!

    Tested on:
    • 3 systems
    • 24 total USB ports
    • 3.5mm on Phone and 3 Systems
    Steps to turn off the Service:
    Windows 10:
    1. Open your start menu
    2. Type 'Services' without quotes and then press enter
    3. Press TAB
    4. Press T
    5. Press H
    6. Press X
    7. Navigate to the THXService (in the left column)
    8. Right click
    9. Click on Properties
    10. Click on Stop
    11. Change Startup Type to Disabled
  2. BadurPL

    BadurPL New Member

    wow thx for your tutorial i just bought razer kraken tournament edition and after disable THX audio they are so much better now THX!!. And now we need to w8 for fix or something :)
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