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Discussion in 'Audio' started by Xyse Mesa, Apr 28, 2017.

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  1. Xyse Mesa_no_id

    Xyse Mesa_no_id New Member

    As I have bought a pair of Razer Kraken USB Headphones about 11 months ago... i had the most interesting failure I ever had... my headphones cracked (never actually broke and detached) on the same spot on the opposite side in a matter of 2 days apart... as if there was a timer...
    Exactly at the same point as did Kalistrad in this post

    So... Is there a MTBF of a year or is it just bad design?
    And please DO NOT try and tell me that there is no issue cause i can link you to HUNDREDS of reviews of the exact same failure... cheers....
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  2. Perno Xapi_no_id

    Perno Xapi_no_id New Member

    Company's usually have some experts called "bean counters" . They are the ones that analyse the cost of re-branded Chinese crap, the failure rate, the estimated RMAs that people will bother to put them self's into, and then suggest if its a profit making product.
    Yes those 15$ piece of "excrement" headphones are sold for 60$ and when they brake down at about a year people blame them self that it happened and go buy a 25$ piece of %$%# (having the fear that it might brake again) and so the company makes money..

    And some international reviews on that... English only so .. no excuses...

    For later use :)
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  3. 0V3R_K1LL

    0V3R_K1LL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Not to self, always buy headphones with metal headbands. I dont know why people trust plastics so much, no amount of plastic will last as long as metal. That is why newer Razer Headphones use metal construction.

    As far as your case goes, if you dont have warranty then I guess you cant do anything about it. If you want you could get 2 metal pieces and super glue them to the plastic. It will not allow you to adjust the headphones anymore but should keep them in the place you like them.
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