Razer Kraken V3's volume wheel broken

Discussion in 'Audio' started by ActualMxxaty, Dec 28, 2021.

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  1. ActualMxxaty

    ActualMxxaty New Member

    I got these Kraken V3's a couple of hours ago, they are really great, I had a few issues with THX Spatial Audio, but customer support helped me and It's fixed now.
    The mic mute/unmute button works great, but the up/down volume wheel does NOT work at all.
    Only thing that happens is that the a small windows slider pops up on the top left, but it doesn't actually change volume. It just stays there, unchanged, until I stop scrolling on the wheel and it goes away.
    It also depends on what I last used. If the last thing I did was edit the volume on the headset, that's what it tries to change, if the last thing I did was edit the microphone volume through the Synapse app, that's what it tries to change.
    It worked okay for the first few 10 minutes (I think), but then this happened. Not a huge issue but I liked the function, anyone can help?

    TL;DR : Kraken V3 volume up/down wheel broken
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  2. CakePortal

    CakePortal New Member

    Are you running synapse? It's a bug in the software. Try exiting all Razer applications completely and your volume wheel should work fine
  3. TheCaptain_Xx

    TheCaptain_Xx New Member

    I have the same issue I exited all Razer applications but it still doesn't work.
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