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Discussion in 'Systems' started by organgtool, May 3, 2019.

  1. organgtool

    organgtool New Member

    I had been eagerly awaiting the announcement of the 2019 Razer Blade Pro in the hopes that I could replace my aging 12.5 year old 17" Macbook Pro. Since Apple has decided to completely abandon professionals, I (along with many other people) have been desperately searching for a high-quality laptop that can deliver a combination of power, elegance, and great build quality to create an enjoyable work experience. The only 17" laptops that come close to offering these characteristics are gaming laptops, so naturally Razer is near the top of my list. However, the announcement of the newest Razer Blade Pro left me very disappointed. While it looks great for gaming (it's intended purpose), it definitely leaves a lot to be desired for professionals. This is understandable since it's meant more for gaming than getting work done but it leaves me wondering if Razer has considered making laptops specifically aimed toward the many professionals that are disappointed with Apple's products and would be happy to switch to a competent and polished Windows laptop. If Razer would be willing to consider making laptops for professionals, here are some recommendations:

    Must Haves
    • Screen
      • At least 15" and 17" screen options
      • 4K OLED option for all sizes
        • Do not require anything more than a 2060 for this option as that is plenty for most people with the exception of those doing video editing
    • Keyboard
      • Backlit (not necessarily RGB)
      • Contoured keys
      • Good key travel
    • Trackpad
      • Quality on par with Razer gaming laptops
    • Upgradeability
      • Memory
      • Storage
      • Battery
    • Ports
      • USB-A
      • USB-C (at least one with Thunderbolt)
      • Ethernet
      • SD card reader
      • HDMI
    • Battery
      • 99 WHr option (especially for options with 4K)

    • Aesthetics
      • Silver aluminum
      • More professional
      • Visually differentiates it from your gaming laptops
    • Text logo on the front
      • More professional than the snake logo
      • If illuminated, have a software option to disable illumination

    • Separate hardware switches to disable camera and microphone

    While the new Razer Blade Pro offers many of these features, it focuses more on raw power than being a bit more cost-effective and power-efficient. Also, not offering a screen resolution higher than 1080p on a premium 17" laptop is a deal-breaker for most professionals. I've heard rumors that this is due to supply constraints but surely you must be able to swing something since you have that option in your 15" laptops.

    I really hope that you will consider this market segment. While there are plenty of options out there for professionals, most of those options are underpowered, bulky, or poorly built. If Razer can make powerful, portable, and well-built laptops for gamers, then surely you can build something that satisfies the needs of professionals as well. Even if you just add an option for a 4K OLED screen in a Razer Blade Pro with a 2060 and a larger battery, that might be just enough to entice myself and many other professionals to let go of our aging Apple laptops. Please give this serious consideration!
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  2. .Z4x.

    .Z4x. Active Member

    I'm in a similar boat and fully agree with the gist of your sentiments and Must Haves, but definitely NOT with the Nice-to-Haves... Leave the aesthetics and the logo alone, thank you very much! ;^)

    I also don't think this holds water. Razer went with the lowest bracket "highish-end" CPU and max-Q GPU:s on the Pro, neither of which counts as *focus* on "raw power" in my book, more like (a) a budget alternative and/or (b) thermally constrained design.

    Now, *this* is _exactly_ my gripe with the new Pro. If it had a 4K OLED screen, I would've ordered it already.

    BTW, as second best, I was about to order a 15" Blade with 4K OLED, but it's not available (or even listed) in the EU. I was considering getting one through HIDEvolution with some extras (like new thermal paste/pads and maxed out memory), but now that they don't have a UK subsidiary anymore and "trans-shipping" is not an option, import taxes/duties would make that option a tad too expensive even for my taste...

    I'll may have to settle for a Dell. They make nice professional laptops (their Precision series), although they are nowhere near as sleek as the Blade Pro. I kind of liked their take on the "portable desktop" with the new(?) 51m models, but those are not only bulky (which I could live with, if I had to), but are also lacking a 4K display. I wonder if it's the included eye-tracking tech that limits the resolution or if it's the same "for gamers" nonsense that Razer suffers from...
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    I should have been more clear - I was not suggesting making these modifications to the Blades but introducing a new laptop alongside the Blade that is targeted towards professionals. I agree, the aesthetics of the Blade are great for gaming.
    From a gaming perspective I completely agree but the Blades are more focused on power than on the other needs of professionals such as cost-efficiency and battery life. Having an option with slightly less computing power which is cheaper and has longer battery life would be ideal for many professionals.
    I also seriously considered that option but it's only available with a 2080 which is more than I need. That bumps the price higher than I'm comfortable paying, especially for a screen that's smaller than my current laptop.
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    I agree that the aesthetic is still too flashy for people wanting to the use the laptop in a professional environment, but that's easily solved by putting a matte black skin on the top of the laptop and setting the keyboard lighting to white. The skin covers the snake logo and looks really sleek, but it still stands out from all of the silver macs and XPS's out there.

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  5. Brastic

    Brastic Active Member

    What do you mean by "Professionals". I cannot tell if you are talking about a formal professional environment where people wear suits and stuff or a specific profession. I am only asking because I see all types of laptops at technology trade shows now days. It is funny at AI trade shows how many high end gamer laptops I see with people who do not game.
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