Razer LED Strips or Philips HUE lighstrip+?

Discussion in 'Battlestations' started by BEP0__, Mar 10, 2018.

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  1. BEP0__

    BEP0__ New Member

    So i wanna pump up my setup with RGB strips but i wondered now, where you can sync Razer with the Philips HUE if i should get the Lightstrip from Philips or Razer. I saw that with the Razer lightstrips you can customize every single LED. Is that also possible with the Lightstrips from Philips?
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  2. ChiefNieth

    ChiefNieth Active Member

    Offbrand chinese LED strips (5M) on eBay for $10. Check those out. Customization via remote
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  3. BEP0__

    BEP0__ New Member

    but i want to sync my leds to my keyboard and mouse etc. also i wanted to customize every single led which is not given in low budget led strips from china
  4. SenpaiShunpo

    SenpaiShunpo New Member

    I have the ones from Razer but you can only get them in one size and if it is to short i would take the HUE. Also you need to plug the Razer ones in your PC. I hope i can help you with my experience :D
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  5. Enigmafoil

    Enigmafoil New Member

    I believe Synapse now syncs with Philips Hue Bridge, for whatever that's worth
  6. iziDeV

    iziDeV Member

    Philips HUE is so expensive xd Few china leds, and price like a pure gold :D
  7. waltervd

    waltervd New Member

    tbh the razer LED strips to me are a huge flop xD
    i have no experiance with phillips hue tho

    yes the razer LED's are bright
    but they have a HUGE plug that is hard to hide -.-"
    the strip itself is about 1 CM wide
    the plug is almost 4CM wide
    the adhesive sticks good for about 15 minutes and then it fell off my screens
    should be sticky/adhesive -.-"
    i have corsair stuff in my computer still hoping that razer chroma will work with corsair stuff >.<
  8. Eelick

    Eelick New Member

    The Razer HDK has been out of stock on the razer site for about 2 months now, and the extension kit too. So it’s kinda hard to get more of them.

    Anyways I recommend getting some Hue strips since they are a lot longer than the Razer ones and they basically work the same way
  9. Eelick

    Eelick New Member

    Heres some more conversation about the same thing https://reddit.app.link/4VdH0PsdEO
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