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Razer Leviathan auto power off [fix]

Discussion in 'Audio' started by MichaelMacGyver, Apr 4, 2015.

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  1. finalvote

    finalvote New Member

    hi which silent wav file do u use? it doesn't work for me. thanks.
  2. I'm using the 22000.wav from this page http://www.teenbuzz.org/mosquito-ringtones/

    And I can confirm it does work since it's working flawlessly for 15 days :) And it turns off by itself only when I shut down the computer. The only thing I need to do is to turn on the Razer when I start my computer and that's all.
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  3. michaelr_no_id

    michaelr_no_id New Member

    I bought this soundbar to go with my Kodi box. I love the sound bar but this auto off feature is a pain in the arse. Wish i'd known before as I would not have purchased.

    I know it's a first world problem but getting out of bed to re-turn the speaker on if you pause the film or TV show for a short while, but it's so annoying.

    I'd have just gotten a cheaper pair of logitech speakers that stay powered on, then I'd be happy.
  4. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    Did somebody think that saving a few pennies a year in electricity would be worth turning it on hundreds of times? Bummer that Razer won't fix this.
  5. Everyone on this forum should write a review on Amazon on this issue. Its really really annoying.
  6. xTheDakManx

    xTheDakManx New Member

    Has anyone tried to pull the firmware off of it using the diag port?
  7. nathanvollmer

    nathanvollmer Member

    I've tried plugging it into my laptop before, but my laptop doesn't seem to notice the service port. I have a feeling it's a serial port to an embedded device, but i'm not sure what kind. I'd need to take the speakers apart, and even then it'd be tough if not impossible to extract the firmware.
  8. Greg Hammond_no_id

    Greg Hammond_no_id New Member

    For Mac Users running El Capitan or later:

    Download Lingon X - cost is $10 for a license
    Select any file mentioned in this forum - I used an de-amplified version of the native Funk.aiff sound (-30db)
    Load a new activity in Lingon - name it, specify the sound file you want, set the interval to 15 min and save. Done. Leviathan will not turn off as long as you are connected to the system and it is your output.

    Caveat - Yes if you know enough about creating the scripting, loading a daemon and bypassing SIP then bully for you. I understand what that means, but I have neither the time nor inclination to bother with it. $10 and I'm done.
  9. Taco_bell

    Taco_bell New Member

    Is there any razer staff on the forum who would comment on this?
  10. finalvote

    finalvote New Member

    the method used to work but not anymore. don't know why....?
  11. Still working for me pretty well.
  12. Aquaawesomecove486

    Aquaawesomecove486 New Member

    There is an actual firmware fix for this. Not sure why they locked my thread. It should be a sticky since so many people have turned to other ways of trying to fix this. The only place I knew to host the file for free was github. So you can download the firmware from there.
    Here is the link to the write-up.

    This thread has over 13,000 views, so if the OP would like to mod his first post with the steps to do the firmware update and a link to download the file that would be awesome. People are more likely to view this thread rather than mine.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 27, 2017
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  13. Why Razer didn't post it in the official support page of the product?
  14. Aquaawesomecove486

    Aquaawesomecove486 New Member

    I asked the same question. I attached the response I got from the support rep that I was working with.

    My guess.... its still in beta and they have only tested it with a few people.

    Attached Files:

  15. MacG467

    MacG467 New Member


    Can you revise the wording for the following instruction?

    3 - Unplug all connections from the back of the Leviathan.

    3 - Unplug all audio input connections from the back of the Leviathan. Leave the "Sub Out" connection plugged in.

    I followed your instructions to the letter and unplugged ALL connections to the Leviathan (including the Sub Out) and took a few tries to realize that I needed the Sub Out plugged in to perform the update.
  16. Got it. Makes sense. Thanks for the file but since my workaround is working I'm going to wait for them to make this available through their support page :)
  17. Aquaawesomecove486

    Aquaawesomecove486 New Member

    Interesting.... I made a video of mine. I will try and post it tonight. I had everything unplugged.

    Anyone else tried the update and have the same issue?
  18. finalvote

    finalvote New Member

    I unplugged everything and updated successfully.
  19. jaseow

    jaseow Active Member

    Updated mine with everything unplugged except power cable

    I notice the update makes it so the Input and Mode lights stay on always now as well. Oh well cant have everything Ill settle for that
  20. finalvote

    finalvote New Member

    I noticed that as well.
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