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Razer Leviathan Soundbar 5.1

Discussion in 'Audio' started by orange003, Feb 2, 2019.

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  1. orange003

    orange003 New Member

    Just a bit of advice please about the Leviathan Soundbar 5.1.

    I have it on PC Windows 10 using a Soundblaster Z sound card.

    Can anyone advise as to if the speaker configuration in Windows and Soundblaster should be set to 5.1 or 2.1?
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  2. Assuming you're using the optical connection. I have mine set too 5.1, make sure you have the dolbylive box checked in the encoding options. Also on the sound bar make sure you push the button for virtual surround. For windows you want the sound set too speaker.
  3. orange003

    orange003 New Member

    Thanks for your reply.

    I actually use the AUX connection. When I've tried the Optical connection the sound is very muted......the speakers default to 100 when using optical too.

    I did read that a Soundbar should be set to 2.1......not sure if that is correct or not but I do have much better sound setting the options in Windows Audio options and Soundblaster to 2.1.
  4. Hmm it's strange that that's happening. I've got same sound card and software. In the windows sound settings I have speakers set as the output. In the sound blaster software I have speakers set to 5.1 and the option for dolbydigital checked under encoding. All other options are off including sound blaster artificiall surround enhancements. Turning on the virtual surround by clicking the button on the sound bar does of course make things sound diffrent (shouldn't be used for music) but on mine I wouldn't describe it as muted.

    I'm not sure what you mean by the volume going to 100. If you're talking about system volume that's what should be happening. Your system volume becomes unadjustable because you're doing it from the buttons on the sound bar.

    If you don't care about virtual surround then of course just do what sounds best.
  5. orange003

    orange003 New Member

    When you have it set to 5.1 are you able to do the speaker configuration test in both windows and Soundblaster?
  6. I know for sure it works correctly in sound blaster. Im pretty sure it works for the windows one too.
  7. orange003

    orange003 New Member

    I can only get it to work if I have one or the other configured to 5.1 and the other to 2.1.....I do the test and it will play the test tone on all the 5 visual speakers on the screen.

    Then when PC is turned off and back on Windows and Soundblaster both show 5.1......the test will then only play the tone on the left and right speakers on the screen.
  8. Ok first just to clarify/check you can't get 5.1 using the analog connection (if thats what you're trying to do) you have to use optical.

    On the PC sound settings. Is it set to speakers (realtek ) or speakers (sound blaster)? In the soundblaster settings under speakers/headphones is it set to 5.1 with the three boxes underneath for each speaker checked?

    If your PC is set to output speakers (soundblaster) you've got the 5.1 box checked, and your soundblaster is set to 5.1 with all three speaker boxes checked and set to Dolby live I can't imagine what the prob is.
  9. orange003

    orange003 New Member

    Thanks again for the reply it's much appreciated.

    I've now connected using the optical cable.......5.1 speaker test will now work in both Windows and Soundblaster.....only problem now is I have no volume control.
  10. Unfortunately with it set up to use 5.1 you'll have to rely on the volume buttons on the Leviathan itself which can be annoying to reach if it's under my your monitor. Unfortunately lots of periferals these days will bypass your system volume for their own controls which are usually more of a pain to access.
  11. orange003

    orange003 New Member

    Yes bit of a pain to alter the volume especially when I have a dedicated volume control knob on my keyboard.

    One quote from the internet that got me to post here wasn't related directly to the Leviathan Soundbar but got me a little confused...

    "Usually, this means you are incorrectly configured. Be sure to select only PCM 2.1 in the audio settings of your optical source. (TV/blue-ray) If it is set to Dolby Digital, it will not work well.

    A sound bar is a 2.1 device, so if you feed it 5.1 signaling, it can act as the left/right speakers, not the center. In 5.1, the left/right speakers do not have voice."

    On one of the reviews for the Leviathan Soundbar it said something like it was 2.1 and simulated 5.1 once it had reached the Soundbar.

    Guess I just go with what sounds best.

    Once again thanks for replying with your advice.
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