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Discussion in 'Audio' started by Over_UrShoulder, Mar 20, 2017.

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  1. Is it worth it over a wireless headset?

    Looking to replace my 500P Stealths with either a headset or the sound bar.

    What do you guys recommend?
  2. josuv22

    josuv22 Member

    love mine, turn it up nice and loud for movies and games, but what where I would say it would depend on,
    whether or not you need quiet times, Like for me I would need to switch to headphones late at night, so others in the house could sleep.
  3. Sim3Gamer

    Sim3Gamer Well-Known Member

    It depends a lot on your personal opinion.

    First of all you should think about other people living nearby. If you want to buy the Leviathan Soundbar people around you could get easily pissed off by the bass. Also you can´t talk with friends (or strangers) that good while playing.

    In my opinion a good headset (or just headphones, depends on your case) is a lot better. I don´t like the sound of the Leviathan anyway, 2 Leviathan Mini are a lot stronger and sound great... The big one is... strange :/

    All in all you need to decide for yourself, i would prefer headphones :)
  4. BenjaminVien95

    BenjaminVien95 Active Member

    I'd probably go for newer headphones.
    I currently own a leviathan and man O wars. I use my headphones 90% of the time and only use the leviathan during parties.
  5. ETitus

    ETitus Active Member

    I was planning on buying the Leviathan, but the timeout power saving function and no remote kinda turned me off. The other question you might want to ask yourself is, how about your microphone? Do you have one? Do you need one? If so, buying a studio mic like the Seiren might be too expansive, and therefore the headset a better choice?
  6. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Well-Known Member

    This is not really a "care about the people around you" issue, it's more of a "where do I place the subwoofer" issue. I have the Leviathan, and absolutely LOVE it (thanks again for the recommendation, @kajira!). The sub definitely does put out a lot of bass, but because of where it is placed in my front room, as soon as I get 3 or 4 meters from my front door, I can barely hear it.

    My next door neighbour (I live in a townhouse, a duplex if you will, and our houses are literally connected) is a gamer - I think I hear him playing either CS:GO or Call of Duty . . . something . . . when he comes home for lunch every day. I told him about my purchase and to just let me know if he's hearing a bit too much of anything while I'm using it. A month and a half later we were talking over the fence and he said that he hasn't heard anything at all.

    And my wife is always worried when we're using it in the evening for movies. ;)

    But yeah, if you place it correctly, you won't need to worry about the bass annoying the neighbors.
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