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Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by Jenjar, Jun 28, 2016.

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  1. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    Anyone here know when the LightBringer is going to be stocked for men? Right now it is only stocked for Ladies Large, And it has been like that for a while. Been looking to buy one since they came out since they are my favorite piece of gear Razer makes.

    Thanks ;)
  2. GetSlept

    GetSlept Member

    I would say when fall time comes around again it would be instock for sure. But it is funny how two of the females sizes are still instock at this time. Maybe they didn't sell much of it for women.
  3. wesdalelio

    wesdalelio Member

    Yeah, if they stopped production but left the female versions that haven't sold out, maybe they are prepping for another release of gear!
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