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Razer Mamba 16,000 (RZ01-01360100)

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by GoldeNade16, Aug 6, 2020.

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  1. GoldeNade16

    GoldeNade16 New Member

    hello guys, iv'e recently gotten my hands on a beautiful mouse the "Wireless Razer Mamba 16000" with the "Charging Dock"

    and upon pluging it in to my pc, i noticed that it didn't show up in synapse 3, i was purely sad, heh alsmot cried....

    had to install synapse 2.0 legacy to get it to work the way its supposed to, having ALL my peripherals on synapse 3 and having my mouse and dock on legacy really disappointed me and the fact that my keyboard and my headset have synced chroma while the mouse and dock have their own, its bothersome especially when the mouse is the deerest mouse out of all the "Mamba's"

    coming from the Mamba TE this really is a sad situation i'm in as after all the years of owning that one, the lazer gave out, and made the upgrade, but not sure right now if it was worth it just because of synapse support and customisability options...

    any info on when i could potentially be able to see my mouse on synapse 3?
    could i get some "razer support" eyes on this form?
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