Razer Mamba: can't get used to it

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by AlanARG, Dec 5, 2014.

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  1. Ossiran

    Ossiran New Member

    I know everytime I change mouses it takes a while to get used to. If you can try and keep same sensitivity levels and gradually change them to how you would like to. Say a couple small dpi changes every day or so. As far as grip if it doesn't feel comfortable after a month or so it might just not be the mouse for you.
  2. AlanARG

    AlanARG New Member

    The lift off is what gets me worried.
  3. Arkhu

    Arkhu Member

    Personally, I prefer the Deathadder over the Mamba (I only ever used it wired, never wireless). Though to be fair, the extra buttons on the mamba were amazing; I loved being able to change the sensitivity on the fly.
  4. Elfreid

    Elfreid Well-Known Member

    Currently I am using 6400 dpi so I don't need to lift off much. May I ask how the lift off causing you any problem? What is the difference of lift off range from 1-10 at Synapse.

    I think you are able to macro the mouse button 4 & 5 at the side panel of Deathadder to change sensitivity on-the-fly.
  5. Arkhu

    Arkhu Member

    But then you wouldn't be able to use them for other things in-game/whilst browsing, right? o_O
  6. AlanARG

    AlanARG New Member

    Well, that's the problem. "They build something into the sensor called "lift off distance" and some mice can adjust it. What this does is allow you to physically lift the mouse from the pad at a certain height but not move the aiming point."

    I adjust it 1 or 10, but it doesn't make any change.
  7. Elfreid

    Elfreid Well-Known Member

    Oh sorry. I don't change sensitivity often so I didn't think of that. Do you have a Razer Keyboard? I think you can map it to the keyboard?

    I never use that setting before.:confused: After you changed your mouse mat this problem still exist?
  8. AlanARG

    AlanARG New Member

    Yeah. I think it's that setting that should make the change so I can get used to the Mamba. Lift off range. I can't even lift off the mice without the crosshair drives crazy.
  9. AlanARG

    AlanARG New Member

  10. Evasesh

    Evasesh Member

    It could just be the way you are holding it. Some mice you have to palm grip others you have to "claw" . I had the same issue with my mouse I changed from a "traditional" 4 button mouse that most computers come with to a Naga and it took me a while to get used to it because I have to place my hand on it differently. After a while of constant use you will find a hold that works best for you and the mouse.
    Its kind of like changing from truck to a sports car, just your mater of perspective changes, after some time you get used to it.
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