Razer Mamba Left Behind?

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by akusokuzan22, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. akusokuzan22

    akusokuzan22 Member

    Just wondering if anyone else feels like the Mamba has been kinda "left to rot" in a sense. I love my Mamba but the drivers are still very glitchy and there is some design flaws I'd like to see addressed (ie. the battery cover's corners get pushed out by the battery and drag across the mouse pad.).
    It would be so cool to see a "2015" version of the Mamba included in the Chroma lineup!
    Anyway just my 2 cents.
  2. Mapleguy4

    Mapleguy4 New Member

    I would love that. I've wanted a Mamba for a while. It would be awesome to see a 2015 Mamba with Razer green LEDs, fixed little annoyances and bugs, and maybe a slight update to buttons and ergonomic design. Nice idea.
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  3. StatixPrime

    StatixPrime Member

    I have the Mamba 2012. Amazing mouse. I agree, it kinda just went MIA. I do feel it is the OG when it comes to Chroma considering the color changing options.
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  4. akusokuzan22

    akusokuzan22 Member

    I know right! I've tried the deathadder but in comparison to the Mamba it just felt cheap and light in my hand (To be fair I haven't tried the Chroma Deathadder yet). Plus I love being able to switch between wired and wireless.
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  5. OmegaRadium

    OmegaRadium Member

    I have the old 2012 version...that thing was great! Sucks that it doesn't even integrate into the current Razer control panel.
  6. akusokuzan22

    akusokuzan22 Member

    Well the synapse support for the 2012 version isn't all that great... Some have taken to using legacy drivers anyway! It is nice to have all the drivers in one place though, so I guess it's got its pros and cons.
  7. Stilkdog

    Stilkdog New Member

    Still kicking with my Mamba 2012, love it! I love the feel and setup of the mouse. I love the changing of the DPI being right next to your finger and being able to go wired and wireless. I would love to see a follow up to this mouse!
  8. lochu91

    lochu91 Active Member

    lol best gaming mice out there feels cheap o_O

    dIScRAZYgINGER Active Member

    This is all too true, I completely fell in love with the mamba and haven't thought of another mouse in about a year. I would say it has the best ergonomics possible, my hand just fits perfectly around it, and the buttons are not overkill *cough cough naga cough cough* And I would just love to be able to have a Mamba, with an illuminated logo and maybe the buttons could be back-lit.
  10. lochu91

    lochu91 Active Member

    What do you mean overkill? I am using naga and not only works fine but the amount of buttons just opens so many ways to play games. Mamba scrubs. :cool:

    dIScRAZYgINGER Active Member

    @terrortime Why do you really need 12 buttons, like ok maybe you need them for two or three MOBA's but what about all the games your going to get for a great price on cortex? I've never personally used a naga for a prolonged amount of time but a few friends of mine have one, and they've said its not the most ergonomically pleasing mouse they've used
  12. ArchAhmed

    ArchAhmed New Member

    I love my Razer Mamba 4G. But sucks that have many bugs. :slightly_sad:
  13. OccamRazer

    OccamRazer Member

    Totally agree, Akusokuzan. I've had my Mamba for going on 4 years now - I can truthfully and proudly say that it was the best $100 that I've ever spent. I had been a big fan of the Boomslang back in the day (talk about a mouse that I would like to see make a comeback) and my Mamba was my first foray back into Razer mice. Immediately fell in love.

    It's weird though, all of these issues - I've never run into! Maybe a restart of the mouse once in a while, but otherwise, it's just 100% kick-ass. We've been through thick and thin together - honestly, I've thought about replacing it but never had a really good reason to (aside from the fact that it doesn't match my green/black theme) but damn would I love to see it in the Chroma line! Thanks for this!
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  14. Helgo

    Helgo New Member

    I currently use the Mamba and i love it! But yeah, update the drivers plz ;)
  15. lochu91

    lochu91 Active Member

    Imagine yourself for example you are playing lets say a The Forest and you need to open your inventory every half a minute, instead of taking your left (or right) hand out of WASD to hit that key you just press 10 on your NAGA and BOOM! You need some stones and sticks? No problem make a light speed macro, tie it up to 11 and go get em! Never again moving your hand to hit a key on other side of a keyboard. Never again.

    There so many diffrent examples i could tell. It doesn`t matter if it`s FPS, MOBA or MMO. You can do diffrent combinations in diffrent type of games. In each game you can change your game style depending on what class or role you play, there is so many possibilities i didn`t even know they existed before i bought this mouse. You can not only use it for hotkeys and just basic thing like that, you can program half your keys for abilities, other for changing something during gameplay, other ones for macros another thing i can`t live without anymore. The only problem i have with naga is that it forces you to use palm grip.

    Edit: I personally use from 7-10 in most games depends on what game is that. The only key i never use are those two on the left side they are just bad placed.
  16. jonkers

    jonkers Member

    Is there any change we could find out if there is a Mamba 2015 in the making? Would definitely wait for that one!
  17. D_m_n_K

    D_m_n_K New Member

    I'm not sure bout the Mamba. Bought mine shortly after it was released. Not the 4G/2012 version but the first Mamba model. The first year it was totally awesome. I just loved it. Then those rubber side-grip-parts started to get loose. The glue is just crap! I was like "a 120$ and THIS happens THAT early...ok..." But I could live with that. Then my Mamba was like 2 years old (warranty ended couple months ago) the buttons started to fail big time. Double click at first every 10th click, later every 2nd click was double one... FFS. Was kinda unable to work with it. Then a month or so later it got even worse. The coursor just wouldnt react anymore. Unplug, switch to "on" in wired mode, plug back in, wait for cursor to move, switch to "off". Annyoing as f**k. I was so sad and angry I just bought a 25$ mouse and this works just fine since then. Ok, it is wired but hey I ain't again gonna pay a mercedes-like price for something that is not mercedes-like quality.

    Until the quality of the Mamba is worth its price I stay away form it.
  18. theblankness

    theblankness New Member

    A 2015 Mamba sounds great but my experience with the Ouroborus was also quite glitchy (but I think Razer fixed it for new models). Making a new Mamba would be great to expand the wireless choices.
  19. jonkers

    jonkers Member

    Well i have my Mamba since 2009, so also the first version of it, and it works still good for me. I have to admit, the rubber side are getting loose a bit now, that's why i want a new mouse, because this one is getting old. But i like the Mamba, and want to buy a new one.

    But i can hang on on this one for a while if i need to, if i know that there's gonna be a new Mamba soon.
    Because it would suck to now buy the Mamba 4G (from 2012) to later come out after a few months that a newer version was in the making.

    So i don't know if i should buy the 2012 version or wait a while. Would love a Mamba 2015 version.
  20. IshbOO

    IshbOO New Member

    My Mamba I just got for Christmas doesn't work right with razer synapse. The software becomes unresponsive when the Mamba dock is plugged in. RMA is next step :slightly_sad: Looking at amazon this mouse almost has just as many 1 star reviews as 5 star reviews. I think there is a reason this mouse is MIA.
    Luckily I have a deathadder that has been awesome.
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