Razer Mamba TE Freezes and more..

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by DemonSoull, Apr 5, 2018.

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  1. DemonSoull

    DemonSoull New Member

    Well this is getting a little frustrating and boring, its my second mouse the 1st one had problems with the scroll it was unresponsive when i tried to "push in" ( i dont know the name of that button)on the top of the 2 problems im listing bellow,

    - This one, randomly from times to times, if i lift the mouse from the mouse pad it freezes and i cant move the mouse, its frozen for a few seconds, and it starts working again after a few seconds, well i play a ton of first person shooter games i need my aim to be precise and not get stuck in crucial moments for a few seconds.

    - Another issue that i'm having if i have my computer for long periods of time turned on, if i scroll up and down i can hear my friends on discord/game sound/ youtube sound everything that's related to sound , lagging/robot sound/breaking, the faster i scroll the worst the "lag is", the only way i can do to fix this is reboot the computer it stays fine for a few minutes and does the game thing again after a while, and i need to reboot again.

    I already contacted a few times the support , it helps with fixes, they work on the moment, but like the problems are random I can't test them on the moment, and after a few days or hours its back again.

    This is simply unacceptable on a mouse that costs + than 100 euros.

    I think ill need to take the mouse to the seller store again,but i'm outside of the refund/change equipment period, so probably they are going to send this to razer to test it. Are this known issues?
    If it goes to razer are they able to fix it ? Or i'm going to wait more than 3 weeks like the 1st time and they will give me a new one/ money back?

    I'll probably wont come back to razer after the 3rd mouse with the same problem
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  2. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    What mouse is it that you are talking about (TE V2?), and if it is having those issues you can just contact Razer and send it back for a replacement (If it is under warranty), takes a little bit but I have hardly heard cases of them not accepting products or just sending them back because they could not find an issue with them. Have you also tried using the mouse on another PC or using different USB Ports, and reinstalling Synapse? Sometimes little things like that fixes it (Although you did say you contacted support already so I would say that you did that already).
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  3. DemonSoull

    DemonSoull New Member

    Isn't that the name of the Razer Tournament Edition V2? I'm sorry i was thinking it was,my bad.

    Yes i did all of the above, i guess i need to take it to the store again
  4. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Nope, although the only mouse I know they made in the TE's are the Mamba TE and the Lancehead TE, Maybe you are talking about the Lancehead TE since that is more of the V2 of the Mamba TE? (Lancehead is newer and more of a replacement of the Mamba TE).
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  5. DemonSoull

    DemonSoull New Member

  6. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Ah, okay that makes more sense now xD. I got the same mouse, I have had an issue in the past where the sensor would just kind of freeze up on me, and I would have to re plug it into the PC. There was also a time back in December when it was almost exactly a year old where it just completely froze up and acted like it was not recognizing with my computer, although after I plugged it into my laptop and updated synapse on that it started working just fine one again and nothing has went wrong with it since.

    Also, I know it sounds odd but is your PC older? Sometimes if theres too much stuff going on in the PC stuff can tend to lag up and such (This used to happen sometimes on my old dell desktop), although I don't know how much stress a scroll could put on a PC. But once again, if you tried this on another PC and it still had the same issues then it is likely something inside the mouse that has an issue.

    If you do bring it back to the store and they offer you a replacement I would take it to give it a go, but if they offer your money back, if you still felt like going Razer I would grab the newer Deathadder Elite or the Mamba TE's replacement, the Lancehead TE. The sensors are much better with those ones and I have not heard of many issues with them as of yet (That is, if the store has those mice in stock or carry them in general).
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  7. DemonSoull

    DemonSoull New Member

    Well my computer isn't old, I7, 16gb RAM, 1070gtx, i doubt its something wrong with the computer to be honest, and i just formatted C: my computer , so i don't know what it could be, a few months ago i was thinking it was synapse program if i turned the program down the freezing looked it stopped happening but nop was just placebo effect on me, its still happening. Even after getting the new synapse beta it's still happening, so was placebo effect i think.

    Well, i don't know how the warranty works, I bought it on Fnac Portugal, I know that the mouse as 2 year warranty with razer, but does that mean that the seller (fnac) gives me 2 year warranty too? I want the problem fixed, but if i have the option of getting a new mouse i wont be getting another Mamba TE, probably going for another type of Razer , or other brand , because the mouse i had before (steelseries rival 100) never gave me this issues

    Ps: really thanks for the help so far
  8. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Yeah, defiantly not your PC slowing down in that case.

    Depends on the stores policy to be honest, sometimes they will take the mouse in if it is under the manufacturer warranty and then do the RMA process on their behalf instead of you going though it, but then other times they only let you have a return policy of 14-30 days (In most cases), and then you are on your own after that unless you buy some kind of extended warranty from the store.

    Not sure how the Razer RMA process works over in your area but I would think that it is close to what it is here in Canada, but you would either need to call Razer Support or send them an email since there is no live chat in your region from what I know of as of yet. You would email them saying you want an RMA, they normally send a little list of information they need from you to get you started with the RMA after you show the issue or provide enough proof (The things they would want are your address, name etc.., and the proof would be in the form of a video, or sometimes they just take your word that it does not work like happened in my case), and then they will email you out a shipping label to send the product back.

    Razer is not responsible if your product is lost in shipping or paperwork went missing (Sometimes more forms are needed for customs if it needs to go over borders), so make sure to package it safely in a box and include all paperwork they email to you for customs stapled or attached to the package in some way in a plastic bag to the side of the box. They might also want you to right your RMA number on the box, but if you go ahead with this they will tell you all of that when you email them.

    It does take a bit of time for the RMA (replacement) to get back to you depending on customs times (If needed), and weather and all of those other conditions. In my case they also forgot to send me the forms for customs, and luckily I took the tracking number off the shipping number before I shipped it out to them so I could watch where it was and If it were to be delayed (So take note of the shipping notice when you go to ship it as well). They also just faxed or sent the customs paperwork to the customs department for Canada when I told them they forgot, etc..

    So, that is pretty much the run down and the RMA is likely your best bet at this point since it is a problem with the mouse. If you wanted too, the RMA does come with the warranty still so you could just sell the replacement you get and go out and buy a different mouse if you felt like it, or you could also give the new mouse a try.

    Sorry for the long post, just wanted to explain in as much detail as possible on what you should do since Razer can miss some stuff sometimes over email :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
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  9. DemonSoull

    DemonSoull New Member

    Really thanks for the help!! really! :)

    This is my second mamba mouse the 1st one i had the same issues PLUS having a scroll that would go nuts if i keep pressing the mouse scroll button in (i dont know the name of that button) it would be like im always releasing and pushing in , although i would never release it , so i got a new one but was inside the 15/30 days of the store to refund, but im back at home with the mamba ill change again USB ports and see if it helps.

    Because like i said its random, sometimes it happens others it doesn't and it's really hard to test stuff :s


    I was reading this topic too ill probably try a few of them and see if it helps too

    or this

    If this was an easy thing to replicate would be good to show on the store i bought or even test the "fixes" but i still dont understand why it happens
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