Razer Man O' War Bass Permanently Dampened

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by gamerglaze, Oct 18, 2018.

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  1. gamerglaze

    gamerglaze New Member

    After some excessive use (nothing bad enough to cause much damage, just long use hours and bass boosts), I woke up this morning to use my Man O' War and the bass had been dampened. I use a audio equalizer on both my phone and my laptop on which I use the Man O' War on, but they are not the problem as they have been working well with the headphones since I got them (several months). The bass in the headset is still there, just dampened out to the point where in a bass heavy song all the way up at 80% you can only feel a little bit of vibration from the earcups. I have reinstalled drivers, factory reset my PC, reinstalled synapse, and I am becoming more and more certain that this is a hardware issue, and eventually I will talk with support, but if anybody can think of a software issue causing this, it would be appreciated as if I cannot fix it somehow with software, I will most likely have to buy a new headset, which is the way it will probably go.
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