Razer Metallic Keycaps

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by technokat, Aug 18, 2016.

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  1. ViperishLive

    ViperishLive Active Member

    Definitely going to pick up the Blackwidow Chroma now!
  2. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Hehe. Ya, drool worthy indeed * ¬*

    The experience will pretty much be the same. In my opinion, if you have the BW Ultimate with Cherry MX Blue then it'll be even better. Just because I feel think MX Blues feel slightly better than the newer Razer Greens.
  3. Creambuzzthink677

    Creambuzzthink677 Active Member

    So, I know that mechanical switches feel better than membrane domes and scissor style keys, but would the metal keycaps provide a mechanical advantage over plastic keycaps?

    Of course it would feel nicer, but in terms of actuation and reset, it should matter, right?
  4. Duke_Fleed_82

    Duke_Fleed_82 New Member

    Really a nice addon for Blackwidow Chroma
  5. GC.Deity

    GC.Deity New Member

  6. fixxey

    fixxey Active Member

    why price in razer store is much more expensive than retail shop?
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  7. Viper4060

    Viper4060 Member

    Can we get a full set for the orbweaver?
  8. WarbladeX

    WarbladeX New Member

    Are these available at the SF Razer Store?
  9. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Not that I know of. It's more of an aesthetic/customization upgrade. I guess one could make the point that they're more durable and last longer, but as far as in-game advantages go, I'm not aware of any. They're heavier than standard keycaps though, so that might be a factor. I guess if you only modify WASD or other clusters on the keyboard, you can feel that your fingers are in the correct position? Grasping at straws here hehe.
  10. Daruso

    Daruso New Member

    These are looking quite nice, I might even pick them up for my KC60.
  11. retroammoGreenSheen022

    retroammoGreenSheen022 Active Member

    deym!! cool keycaps :D
  12. mintouch

    mintouch Active Member

    Does it compatible with blackwidow x chroma?
  13. Krunky

    Krunky New Member

    Why isnt Razer selling metallic key cap set for all keys on the keyboard? I would buy that!
  14. cRaZyaOdx

    cRaZyaOdx Member

    i just ordered and the keyboard arrived today with out the keycaps as promised. who do i speak to on this?
  15. Creambuzzthink677

    Creambuzzthink677 Active Member

    Yeah, but I think the metal was for a premium feel or "bling" rather than quick tactile recognization like keyboards where those keys have bumps, curves, and are tilted a certain way.

    Still, I'm waiting for rewards refresh before picking up the Orbweaver so I can have a more compact reassignment of keys...and I'll know exactly where each "key-bind" goes.
  16. markieg

    markieg Active Member

    I like however I dont like the description metal is high density lol
    come buy this bottle of wet water
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  17. WithoutRooR

    WithoutRooR New Member

    Take my fuc*ing money:wink_:
  18. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Lmao I noticed that too :sweat_smile:. Would rather have them tell us the type of metal or alloy the keys are made of.
  19. jkob1337

    jkob1337 New Member

    It's pretty nice but it should be for all key :/
  20. S.l.o.Life.805

    S.l.o.Life.805 New Member

    Hm cool idea for some quick customization, too bad not for all keys though...
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