Razer mousepad and laptop sleeve for Razer Blade and 15 inch laptops

Discussion in 'Systems' started by KrazyKanadian, Nov 20, 2017.

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  1. KrazyKanadian

    KrazyKanadian Active Member

  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    As long they don’t make it tight like for stealth it’s nice. Stealth doesn’t need cooling after gaming or working season because it doesn’t make heat as much as Blade 14. I prefer a bit room case like armor case for a gaming laptop.
  3. Plumpak

    Plumpak Member

    That mousepad would be nice if it 'worked' without any hard and flat surface underneath ;-)
  4. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    Jeez, that's the first time I'm seeing that. Even simple stuff like sleeves Razer makes look incredible. What are they putting in the water over at Razer? Just all their products in general are great to look at.
  5. KrazyKanadian

    KrazyKanadian Active Member

    Maybe they should add the slide out mousepad in a new Armor case.
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