Razer Mug Holder - I'm scared @Razer.

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by Bratatat, May 14, 2017.

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  1. Thinkbitch

    Thinkbitch New Member

    So uhm...
    The fact that the Razer Mugholder in the zSilver Rewards catalog is a "Limited Edition" scares me. I'd really love one of those fancy chroma mugholders to fit in with all my other razer gear, but since it costs 100.000 zSilver, I'm far away from having enough to purchase one.

    - I play with razer cortex as much as possible. In weekends I always get the full 900 zSilver, but on weekdays only about 400-700
    - I always claim my daily rewards :)
    - I try to be involved with Razer Insider, although the rewards on here aren't too great.
    - I am unable to earn zSilver through purchasing games with zGold.

    O, I really hope that the Mug Holder will be available for at least another year, so I can earn enough to withdraw one :)

    @razer, may I know how long the Mug Holder will be available for?

    Best Regards,
    - Bratatat
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  2. Darkmatter237

    Darkmatter237 New Member

    I want one too man lmao. It would suck if I finally get 100,000 zSilver and it gets sold out.
  3. karlzero

    karlzero Member

    i think in 2-3 months mug is sold out
  4. Thinkbitch

    Thinkbitch New Member

    I really hope it wont.. it'd take me at least 3-4 more months until I have enough.

    I'm at 23.000 rn
  5. Darkmatter237

    Darkmatter237 New Member

    I mean you could buy zGold and spend it to get more zSilver, but that gets expensive. Pretty sure you would have to spend around 500 CAD on zGold to get 100,000 zSilver.
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  6. DoomZTheOne

    DoomZTheOne New Member

    The problem is everyone want it :') So it's sure that in 2-3 months it'll be sold out. At the beginning there was 1337 made and they gave a lot to their staff, associate and some YouTuber...
  7. karlzero

    karlzero Member


    I'm almost 77k z silver now
  8. Thinkbitch

    Thinkbitch New Member

    Ye, one problem with that.. I'm kinda broke rn.

    Only 1337? Well they better release a Blackwidow v2 with azerty layout then for zSilver...

    I feel like I should just give up and save for something else then :slightly_sad:

    @razer please o please make a Mug Holder v2 soon that actually can be purchased... Please :) Else I'll dehydrate and that's not healthy ;)
  9. wesras

    wesras New Member

    Imma die for this one but i just need to wait like 2-3 months untill i have enough points :slightly_sad:
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