Razer Naga Chroma Corded Left Tilt Click Stuck/Repeating

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by rushSilverLakeBlue681, Jun 28, 2020.

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  1. So, about 3-4 weeks ago I was playing a game and I bound an action in game to scrlk and then assigned my left tilt to scrlk to accomplish this task. stopped playing the game and then yesterday I noticed my keyboard scrlk indicator light going crazy.
    So I initially took this as a "ok my keyboard is shorting or something." lots and lots of troubleshooting inevitably led me to my synapse 3 program to check my macros and see if something got triggered. found the only thing my scrlk was linked to other than the keyboard button was my mouse. Disabled it, then later changed it to another key(X) for another game.

    Today I turned my pc on and went into discord and then suddenly as I was typing it started spamming the key. so I quickly pulled up synapse and disabled the left tilt. problem solved for the moment. Went into a game and used the right tilt and then suddenly it starts spamming X again even with it disabled.
    I quickly dropped out of my game and started the old "uninstall, reinstall drivers" reset my entire chroma settings and profiles through the synapse 3 program. I even thought, "Well I used to have macros that spammed 12 inputs of 'space' per second for titan skating on destiny 2 when I had synapse 2" so I reinstalled synapse 2 to go through and completely delete my old macros. uninstalled synapse 2 after that and the issue persists. Hesitant to completely uninstall all instances of synapse due to only just getting my kraken tournament controller to work.

    Any ideas? any other information needed? I have basically resorted to not using left or right tilt. which sucks.
  2. Still no response from razer support nor has anything come of posting to this forum. has no one else had this problem?
  3. Canith

    Canith New Member

    I just had the '2' key on the side have the same thing start happening. I really think this might be a synapse issue, as I never upgraded to 3.0 As I use a black widow and a tartarus as well, I sincerely hope it's something minor, as that is a lot of setup that would go out the window if it persists. Add to that no problems for years till today, and I am very unhappy.
  4. LiverDogsbusbiz197

    LiverDogsbusbiz197 New Member

    Yeah all my razer mice issues forced me over to Zowie. They don't have a true mmo mouse but i don't do much MMO anymore anyway so works perfect for me. the mouse chroma function never worked right straight out of the box and when i contacted razor they never offered an RMA option. Also, the multi button mice from razer always seem to break down right after the warranty period. I feel like they are made super cheap and don't seal the mouse to keep debris from mucking it up. Won't buy another razer ever again. bad design software development and poor quality. don't understand why people like them so much.
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