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Razer Naga Chroma works on all my systems except my Razer blade 17"

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Famouszephirot, May 27, 2020.

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  1. Famouszephirot

    Famouszephirot New Member

    So I have a razer naga chroma mouse that I've been using for a couple years on my desktop, but now I've decided to retire it for a new mouse. Well I wanted to start using it on my old Razer laptop (Razer Blade Pro 17” (2013) | RZ09-0099x), but every time I plug it in windows says "Device not recognized"

    So I've tried re-installing windows 10 on it, as well as synapse 2.0, but no luck.
    Other devices it works fine with:
    • My main gaming computer (custom built) running Ubuntu Budgie
    • My Macbook Pro 13" 2015
    • My Macbook Pro 15 2014
    • My old gaming computer (custom built) running Windows 10
    • Lenovo T470s running windows 10
    Any ideas what could cause the issue on the Razer laptop? Because I honestly don't know what else to try
  2. Razer.Caziel

    Razer.Caziel I am the Lightbringer Staff Member

    Do you get the same results no matter which USB port you plug it into? This is highly likely a corrupted packaged driver. Try to uninstall Synapse and remove all the mouse drivers you have on the Blade Pro before testing the mouse again. Shoot me a PM me if the problem persists.
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