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Razer Naga Trinity - hardware/software problems ?

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by JohnnyofRC, Mar 26, 2019.

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  1. JohnnyofRC

    JohnnyofRC New Member

    Hello dear community,

    It's my first post here regarding Razer products, so I apologize if I did not post in the correct category (il ask a moderator to kindly move the topic if this is not the correct section).

    I ordered the mouse from my local retail seller after having and sending a Corsair Scimitar PRO back to the retailer because of the fact that at that time I thought the mouse was faulty (I still do not know if it had a problem or not)

    I am a WoW player, semi-hardcore I could say, playing in a guild that is in the top 100 World Wide and I'm quite affected by the following problem:

    - I have macros on each button (when I say macro, I mean that I put on each of the 12 side buttons a combination of Keys like ALT + 1 / SHIFT + 1 with Razer's "keyboard function" synapse)

    - at this time, completely random (there is no time pattern, buttons, etc.) when pressing the 1 key (ALT + 1) button on the mouse, or the 3 key (ALT + 3) or the 5 key (ALT + ) the mouse basically presses other keys by itself, the most common issue that i'm having is with the "5 button key" even now and then when i press it, i also press (not me, the mouse) keys 3 and 7 or 3 and 1.

    How do I know ?
    Instead of using a / powers / spell in game function, I use 2 or sometimes even 3 at once, it's like pressing 2 or 3 buttons at once at the keyboard.

    What I have tried so far:

    - I uninstalled Synapse and reinstalled it
    - I deleted any kind of profile I made and recreated it
    - I carefully pressed each button, sometimes a single button for 5-10 minutes, the same symptoms exist.
    - I tried to push hard, easy, fast, slow on the same button format, without success.
    - I even Refreshed Windows, reinstalled all aps from zero

    Yesterday, I completely cleaned the PC, I even removed an extension of USB's that came to the motherboard, believing it was a conflict, without any real succes.

    It is hard for me to think that the mouse has a problem again, and that I am so unlucky with both Corsair and Razer, both of the mouse's have the same symptoms in and out game.

    I only tested with the 12 button macro side, because that is the side that i need the most for WoW, i didn't test the Razer mouse with the 7 or 2 mouse side buttons.

    Is there any software on the market that can analyze what is wrong or something ?
    This problem is driving me literally NUTS, i can't play Properly for more then 2 weeks now, and it's affecting my spot on the main team.

    Any ideeas ? :slightly_sad:

    Thank you,
  2. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    It's in the right section, that's for sure. My suggestion, to help the Support team narrow down the issue for you, is to go ahead and test with the 7 or 2 button configurations. If they perform your macros as programmed, then more than likely it is going to be a hardware issue with the 12-button configuration, you know? They'll still want you to go through all the normal procedures that they'll be asking, but having that information to give them will make the process of getting you help go that much more quickly.
  3. JohnnyofRC

    JohnnyofRC New Member

    Hello Singer,

    Thank you for the kind and explicit answer.
    The 2 and/or 7 buttons version, isn't enough for me, i've upgraded from Raza Naga Hex v2, to Corsair initially and after the problems stated above, i've bought Razer Trinity, i need a minimum of 10 buttons for my game.

    Even if the 7 or 2 buttons version are working perfectly, it doesn't help me too much.
    The ideea of posting on this forum is to get an official feedback from some expert or Razer about this strange behaviour, before asking my local supplier to change the mouse for the 3rd time.

    I'm in a bit of a weird spot right now, because i can't say that i literally have almost the exact same problem with another mouse from a different company.

    Bottom line: i'm "stucked" with a faulty mouse again :slightly_sad:

    This never happened to me before, i'm also an IT guy and from a professional point of view it's the first time in my life when i don't know what's causing this. (excluding the obvious hardware issue)

    Thanks guys,
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