Razer Naga Trinity Kills my New $$$$ Rig

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Leoniums, Feb 11, 2021.

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  1. Leoniums

    Leoniums New Member

    Hi everyone
    and i hope my thread finds you and your people, all healthy with this covid19 thing around.
    2 months ago i updated my cpu, gpu, mobo. Had none issues before upgrading those 3 components.
    My specs are

    MSI Z490 Meg Ace (New)
    Intel 10900K (New)
    MSI 3080 Gaming X Trio (New)
    RAM G.Skill F4-3600C16Q-32GTZR (existed)
    NVME2 drives Samsung 970 plus (existed)
    Corsair HX1200i (existed)
    Custom water loop από EKWB (existed)
    Asus PG279q screen (existed)
    Mouse Razer Naga Trinity (existed)
    Keyboard, Corsair Strafe RGB (existed)
    BitDefender Total Security
    Windows 10 Pro

    Since the 1st week, i am struggling to find out why i got stutters even though my benchmark scores (any type) are normal and inside my specs range. I have tried everything, tested cpu, gpu, ram, NvMe2 drives, SSD sata drives etc etc. Microsoft drivers, mobo drivers, new bios old bios...and many many things found on net.

    After replacing mobo, with no success, i found that while i take a screen shot of my desktop, opening paint app, paste that screenshot in and trying to pan it around, i got stutters.

    I took from my office, a total new simple (old school) keyboard and mouse set, added on my system and power on. Tried again the same thing with microsoft paint app, and had no stutters.
    I started to replace them, one with the other for 5 6 times to test and always had same results. Naga Trinity had stutters. Never had such an issue before, even though i am using naga mouses for many many years now.
    Started my game with that old mouse, and tried to play. I had no stutters.... and while i was playing i just replaced my mouse with my old one (naga) and stutters where all over again. I put back the new mouse (simple) but problems where still there. I htought something is happening with the driver.
    I restarted my system, open game with new (simple) mouse again and had no problems.
    Tried to play around with polling, polling 500 value seems to not create stutters on microsoft paint app, but while on gaming after a while stutters where back... and this time were much worse.

    I have open support tickets with MSI, Nvidia, Intel but it seems that mouse is having conflicts with a driver or something into my sytem.

    Any ideas? I am so tired of trying for 2 months now.

    Best Regards
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