Razer Nari Essentials mic distorted

Discussion in 'Audio' started by ImtheTop_Nep, Jan 30, 2019.

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  1. ImtheTop_Nep

    ImtheTop_Nep New Member

    I recently purchased the Razer Nari Essentials and from the feedback I get from my friends on Discord, they say the quality of my mic is very distorted, fuzzy and cuts out. I am running on Windows 10 and all there are no updated drivers I can get from the device manager on the headset. The only change I made on the Razer synapse for the Nari was turning off the THX Spatial Audio.
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  2. Deadman2017

    Deadman2017 Active Member

    I don't own the headset but from what i read in the forum you must change the settings of the mic from windows sound setting cause its auto selected in the worse possible quality and that's what makes it sound so bad.
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  3. ImtheTop_Nep

    ImtheTop_Nep New Member

    I see. I am guessing you are referring to the different channels? I already have it at 48000 Hz or DVD quality right now which is the highest. Is there another change I need to make?

    The quality is apparent only when I am on Discord. When I record myself on Camtasia, Audacity etc, it sounds fine.

    I also have the USB transceiver in a USB 2.0 port. Initially, I had it in a 3.0 port but I knew that could cause some problems like with other products I have, so I moved it to 2.0.
  4. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    You have enable any options in mic tab on synapse like mic clarity etc ? The best way will to try to create new default profile with factory settings and dont change anything there and cheack if the issue appear is yes then try to remove synapse and delete files in appdata nad programfiles folder then reboot and download new installer from razer website and cheack again if the issue is there.
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  5. ImtheTop_Nep

    ImtheTop_Nep New Member

    In the Synapse, Mic tab:
    Microphone 100
    Microphone sensitivity 100
    Sidetone disabled
    Volume Normalization, Ambient Noise Reduction, Vocal Clarity are also disabled

    In the Synapse, EQ tab:
    Everything at 0db

    In the Synapse, Enchantment tab:
    Bass boost, voice clarity, and sound normalization are disabled

    In the Synapse, Mixer tab:
    THX Spatial Audio is disabled

    I'll try a new profile for now, named it "New Nari", and haven't changed any of the default settings.
  6. jago000

    jago000 New Member

    Did you ever get this worked out? I am having similar problems in Discord.
  7. ImtheTop_Nep

    ImtheTop_Nep New Member

    Unfortunately no. I tried different combination in the settings and my friends still report that ONLY on Discord, I sound like a robot. In recording software such as Camtasia that I use, I sound completely fine so I figure I had to mess with Discord. Sadly, there isn't really much you can change on Discord when it comes to that issue. After a month, I gave up and purchased the Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 instead. THIS one works according to my friends.
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