Razer nari ultimate are not worth

Discussion in 'Audio' started by CallmeDaisuke, Apr 24, 2022.

  1. CallmeDaisuke

    CallmeDaisuke New Member

    so i bought these headphones and I FREAKING LOVED THEM. but now they have gotten on my last freaking nerve. i really REALLY WISH i could get my money back or at least trade them in for something else.

    ill go by saying charging is a freaking nightmare.
    i cant walk very far from my pc, my G930s let walk around almost my whole house.

    i honestly want my money at this point the headset wont charge right and for some reason it will turn on when its connected with usb but as soon as i take the usb off it turns off and the razer app says its like like 90% charge.

    this headset was amazing at first now its complete bull shit and i want my money or a different headset
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