Razer Nari Ultimate dosen't connect to Laptop

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Alireza96MM, Oct 18, 2020.

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  1. Alireza96MM

    Alireza96MM New Member

    Hey guys,

    I have Nari U for almost 20 days. last night i played CoD: Cold War just fine with it. but to day when i wanted to use it again, Headphone could not connect to my laptop. Status light just kept blinking blue light for few mins and the it turned off. also it doesn't show up in Synapse 3.

    I searched internet and youtube. I did a clean installation of Synapse 3 and Cortex from Razer website. i deleted the drivers from Device Manager and installed them again (And lets just say before this i had a THX output in speakers that it's no linger there). I did try to use different USB port for usb dongle.

    so yea i'm out if ideas.

    oh and when i plugin the usb dongle, drivers get installed normaly and It shows up in my In/output list. but still no connection to headphone itself.

    I don't know what happend during those 5 hours i was sleep. but here we are. Any ideas?

    Thank you all in advance. :)
  2. Alireza96MM

    Alireza96MM New Member

    I forgot to mention that i did download the Pairing Utility, but when i connect my dongle, it doesn't show up in it.
  3. i am having the same issue
  4. Burkules12

    Burkules12 New Member

    same issue here and razer doesn't seem to care
  5. GODST1K3S

    GODST1K3S New Member

    So I found a fix last night go into your windows sounds setting and make the razer nari ultimate the default playback and the default recording device
    Then go into Cold War audio settings and press the reset tab at the bottom click yes and then see if it works
    I hope this works for you guys
  6. singe725

    singe725 New Member

    I'll try because i'm just about ready to break my desk smh.
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