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Razer Nari Ultimate Problems.

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Indigoclassictoday464, Jul 12, 2020.

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  1. Hey :)

    I bought last year december an Razer Nari Ultimate because i wanted that hypersense feature and an metal frame so it lasts longer.

    The first two weeks everything was fine.

    Suddenly the Headset decided to not load the battery over night , suddenly it started to make a noise while using it and loading it , it started to "warp" the sound a little bit till i move the play/chat wheel a little bit.
    So i wrote to the support in february/march and we got so far that i sended them the headset and got a replacement unit. Now we have july and the already replaced one does the exact same stuff... Is it supposed to work only 50% of the time ? Is it normal that the battery just doesnt load even thought it gets power through an external powered usb hub. I payed 200€ for an Headset where i cannot use the wireless feature because the battery simply never is loaded no matter how long it loads. Am i the only one with these problems ?
  2. VictorV977

    VictorV977 New Member


    I have a similar (or exact?) problem, sometimes I connect the headset and the red light turns on, but it never goes to green, does no matter if you let connected all night... I you disconnect the cable the red light does not turn off. seems the headset it not charging.

    Initially (I bought on february), the battery can live per 8-9hours, but now it only work for 3-4 hours...

  3. Sorry for the late answer but i tested something.

    For Context: The first one i had could not be charged on an power outlet it simply refused to charge.

    I tested if the new one could and it did charge without a problem and since then it even charges to full on my usb hub. Try charging it on a power outlet once and see if that fixes it.
  4. VictorV977

    VictorV977 New Member

    Does not work for me,

    Currently My headset only work connected, the battery is not charging...
  5. Then u sadly have to contact the support i guess because something is broken :/
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