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    I just recently picked up the Razer Nari Ultimate and to my surprised I encountered one too many problems with it straight out of the box, but managed to get around all of them. In the interest of helping you guys out since I know Christmas is around the corner and more than likely people will be getting this headset I will try to detail the workarounds.

    • The headset can be both used wired and wireless. If you're to use it wireless and have other peripherals that are wireless as well connected through USB your headset will pick up that signal and will try to connect to it. This will also happen if you have Bluetooth enabled on any nearby devices.
    • Simply turning off Bluetooth on your PC and nearby devices (or putting them far from the headphones) and also plugging the USB dongle for the headset far from the others (front or back of your PC) will do the trick.
    • This will fix disconnects/reconnects that make beeping sounds and/or drop sounds suddenly.
    • This will fix sound control issues when using other peripherals and/or sound controllers. For me it was my Corsair keyboard's sound shortcuts that weren't working to control audio until I switched the headset's USB to another spot.
    • Not all beeping sounds are bad. The headset will beep when the battery is low too.

    2. AVNERA AV6301
    • For some odd reason when you plug in the USB dongle to your PC or other devices it won't recognize it properly and will display the name "AVNERA-AV6301". This isn't something that at least I didn't find too much information on about, but the consensus seems to be firmware related (my case) or, for some people, the USB dongle metal contacts were dirty and therefore it wasn't making proper contact with the USB port.
    • If you have Razer Synapse installed, I'd suggest to look if there's an update available for you. If the latest update is available is already installed, make sure to unplug the headset's USB dongle from your device and uninstall Razer Synapse all together. After doing so make sure you reinstall Razer Synapse back with your headset's USB dongle plugged in and restart the PC once everything is set installing. Keep in mind that if you have other Razer devices they might temporarily stop working while you finish reinstalling Synapse. This is the fix that worked for me on my PC.
    • A safer and more straightforward solution to the one below is to simply move your USB dongle from port to port until you get one that will successfully recognize the headset.
    • *Important: If you're not experienced handling electronics or if your device is within warranty I suggest you don't attempt this next step as there's always the chance of potentially damaging something. Only try this if nothing else works and you're not able to get professional help* The USB dongle has a plastic cover over the metal contacts that will make contact inside the USB port once you plug the dongle in. If you remove the plastic cover from the USB dongle you can carefully clean the contacts and plug back the USB dongle and it should work. Some people have managed to clean it without having to remove the plastic cover.
    3.Razer Synapse won't recognize the Razer Nari

    • This is the first problem I encountered as soon as I plugged my headset and turned my PC on. I downloaded Synapse and the headsets weren't recognized, but all other peripherals were.
    • I uninstalled Synapse, removed the headset's USB dongle, reinstalled Synapse 3.5 and plugged back the USB dongle. After that, I restarted my PC and finally my headphones were recognized.
    4.Other audio/microphone issues
    • People couldn't hear me in-game or in Discord and sometimes the audio would get a little messed up (audio direction or glitchy sounds) and it turned out to be the Haptic option and THX Spatial Audio.
    • Go in Razer Synapse>Audio>Mixer>turn off THX Spatial Audio.
    • Go in Razer Synapse>Audio>Enhancements>turn off Haptic Intensity
    • So far turning off those two options have made the trick.
    If any of you guys have encountered any other issues or have other possible solutions, please post them below. Hope you guys enjoy your headphones! They're sound amazing.
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    ...Can't edit the main post for some reason, but for PS4 issues I mostly experienced most of the aforementioned. Re-plugging the USB dongle on different USB ports until it got recognized instantly fixed everything. I did find out that the headset will work best on USB 2.0 ports.
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    I have the Nari ultimarte for about 3 months and now suddenly the right side does not produce any sound, I've tried it on different PCs same issue
  4. madrerik

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    I'm sorry to hear that man. If you haven't tried it already, try going through ALL sound settings both in Synapse and Windows and see if checking/unchecking makes the right speaker produce audio and then go from there. Try reinstalling drivers in your PC (Realtek, Synapse, Win10 or other third-party sound driver you might have installed) as well to discard any compatibility issues. If nothing else works and considering you've tested it on other PCs, I'd say contact Razer directly. I hope it's nothing that will require you to send the headset in!

    I've seen that in Synapse under certain settings for the headset you can see that it'll detect other hardware installed in your PC. For me it detected the MSI Motherboard, specifically the driver that controls all the lightning. This is something else to consider since Synapse (and Razer peripherals in general) usually tend to have compatibility issues with other drivers/hardware.
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    It doesn't matter how "good" the headsets are. They are faulty. This Averna issue is absolutely pathetic. I am going to RMA these things and get rid of them. Good riddens.
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    Idk if my dongle is broken even tho it connects for my pc but my ps4 completely stopped recognizing the dongle and wont show up as an input device. What do i do?. Where to i go to order another dongle if i need to
  7. madrerik

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    Start by checking off possibilities. Disconnect all USB devices from the PS4 and connect the Razer USB to the back ports first. If it's not recognized that way, you may switch the USB dongle to all other available USB ports.

    The fact that it is able to connect to your PC means it is working, so buying another one should be your last option.
  8. bought a replacement dongle, lost the other. my computer recognizes it but doesn't go through the repair utility program. as soon as it recognizes the dongle i plug the usb charger into my PC and nari. Stays stuck there and wont change when i change it to other ports
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