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Razer Nari Ultimate won't work without charger in

Discussion in 'Audio' started by CoolGuyOnTheBlock, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. CoolGuyOnTheBlock

    CoolGuyOnTheBlock New Member

    Hi, i got my razer nari ultimate a few months ago and everything worked great, i decided to go corded for a while because i forgot to charge every night and it became a bit tourblesome...

    now when i try to turn on the headset wireless it just wont turn on, it works with the usb connected but the second i unplug it the headset shuts down...
    (already tried to charge it all night, only from the razer original cable and pc usb only! havent used anything else on them and im so frustrated because the wireless has a much better audio control..)
    Please Help!
  2. Godchilla_

    Godchilla_ New Member

    How long have you been using your Razer Nari Ultimate? Probably the battery is already drained. You can try checking with the Tech shop closest to you. You can also try updating your synapse V.3 and DISABLE haptic sense while charging.
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