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Razer Nari Ultimates started blasting clicking noises

Discussion in 'Audio' started by CodeBleu, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. CodeBleu

    CodeBleu New Member

    When I'm THX Spatial - Synapse, there is no audio and the audiodg process (whatever that is) starts crashing left and right. When I switch to the Game device for sound output, it blasts me with clicking noises. Are my headphones fried?
  2. CodeBleu

    CodeBleu New Member

    Oh thank goodness, all I had to do is remove Synapse and everything started working again. I even had some seriously weird audio issues and startup lag that have just gone away. Too bad all my Razer peripherals are going to rotate randomly through colors now, but I have my computer back. I'll take it, I guess.
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