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Razer online store help and delay

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JustCloud, Nov 23, 2017.

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  1. JustCloud

    JustCloud New Member

    Hello all,

    I really need some help here... I placed an order on 3rd of November, decided to upgrade my old Razer peripherals with of course newer Razer peripherals.. anyway, I waited the 48 hours and the 5 days for delivery, as stated on the websites' tracking system. The next logical step is to contact the Razer support, so the support took its time and gave me a response after 5 working days, although it is stated they are responding between 48-72 hours. So the first response was that they have no idea what is happening in the warehouse at Hong Kong and can not answer me right now and it will need investigation over the case, so they can answer. Waited about 3 days to get a response that the mouse I wanted was not in stock, although it was in stock while I ordered it obviously it didn't had the button "out of stock" and I was able to put it in the basket. They offered me a coupon for another mouse.. I refused and wanted full refund on the cost of the mouse I ordered, but wanted the keyboard and the mouse pad sent to me. They took their time again on responding to me, so I called the Germany Razer customer support office. I got the same information, "we don't know what the support team is doing but we can see that the warehouse in Hong Kong delaying your purchase" ... okay. So the things got serious and two weeks have passed. I started a web chat with the support from USA&Canada... They said we are going to escalate your case, week after that I receive an email stating that they are going to refund me the mouse and send me and everyone is saying "it has been requested" "we have put a request for approval" but nothing is happening, I am not getting answers, no one is saying a specific date. this is the forth week and it is almost finished as well.. 20 days without any support and resolution .. and an actual delivery of the purchase I have made..

    Can someone please tell me what to do and is it better to cancel the transaction from my bank or can anyone from razer actually pay attention to the case, because it is crossing every border of "good" customer service.
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  2. Slizie

    Slizie New Member

    I hope your issue gets resolved soon, replying just to bump it up!
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