Razer Orbweaver Chroma : Lets Make it Happen

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by ShadowVenomGAming, Oct 27, 2014.


Do you want a Razer Orbweaver Chroma

  1. Yes

    160 vote(s)
  2. No

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  1. endlessfq

    endlessfq Member

    2015.... I still waiting for Orbweaver Chroma :heart:
  2. Chubes

    Chubes New Member

    We need this Chroma Orbweaver out ASAP
  3. FrostyGunman

    FrostyGunman Active Member

    This is such a logical next step for Razer, it amazes me that there is no announcement for the Orbweaver Chroma. Would love to add it to my Blackwidow and Deathadder setup!
  4. tehayshun

    tehayshun Member

    An Orbweaver Chroma would be awesome. I used to use a Nostromo for my drawing tablet shortcuts so I could use a larger tablet and being able to colour code my shortcuts would be pretty sweet
  5. Nassaya1337

    Nassaya1337 New Member

    Would be a nice addition to my armory bought a chroma blackwidow last week to update to new stuff. When the firefly is there i'l buy that one. Been thinking of buying a Orbweaver lately but with so much disco a orbweaver chroma would be fitting.

  6. Feyri

    Feyri New Member

    This would be fantastic! ^.^
  7. I use my tartarus every day an definetely I would buy an orbweaver chroma. I think that for a gaming laptop peasant like me such a device is a must have
  8. Kavster

    Kavster Member

    Yup definitely make all razer products chroma! Even their t-shirts! o_O
  9. 10bby

    10bby New Member

    Yes. I have been using the Orbweaver since it first came out, the green-only is not too comfortable on the eyes. An Orbweaver Chroma would also make it easier to refer specific buttons to their function.

    Reason for an Orbweaver Chroma
    At this moment it's a bit difficult to remember the keys by their row/column and slight differences in height.
    Why? Not everybody uses the default WSAD reference in every game.

    And why would some people not use the default WSAD reference in every game?
    This is because if you have games which rely on more frequent and precise thumbpad use, using the default WSAD position requires the thumb to stretch a fair distance and won't be as capable of performing more than 1 or 2 pushes without strain. At the end of using the thumbpad like that, your thumb retracts and you have to pull the rest of your palm back in too (an angular movement is associated). Thus this difficulty means many gamers may adjust their resting hand position to get closer to the thumbpad (and have multiple hand configurations for different games on the Orbweaver).

    Over time, it's very easy to forget what finger does what, or where your hand is meant to be positioned if you play multiple games with the Orbweaver. With customizable colours for each key, this problem is solved.

    I have two chroma products from Razer at the moment. I will be adding the Firefly, and hopefully the Orbweaver in the future.
    (In the future, another product for Chroma could be the monitor bezel. It would give you an excuse to make money from selling an entire monitor when the only part you customise is the bezel; I don't think most users are adept at disassembling the bezel from ordinary monitors)
  10. February_

    February_ Member

    Do you mean the steelseries apex or a built-in keyboard in your laptop?
  11. The Razer Tartarus Chroma just came out. So hopefully the Orbweaver will be next.
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  12. True hope your right
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  13. 10bby

    10bby New Member

    It is only a matter of time. They cannot deny the $$$ making potential of all their existing Tartarus/Orbweaver users.
  14. mywc123

    mywc123 Member

    Its going to happen sooner or later the question is will it have individual color lighting for each key or just solid lightning like the Tartarus.
  15. Quentix

    Quentix Member

    Chroma is slowly coming to all new Razer products. But I bet I can still wait a long time until my "Orbweaver Chroma Stealth" dream become reality
  16. mike4898

    mike4898 Member

    Chroma for the Orbweaver would be very cool, it'll be easier to recognize the buttons if they have different colours.
    I'll probably wait until there's a chroma version before I buy one.
  17. Yeah hopefully the lighting is more like the Blackwidow Chroma and each individual key can be customized
  18. FrostyGunman

    FrostyGunman Active Member

    Still no news about this? I really don't get it, this is such a logical prodyct for Razer, why don't tell us anything about it or when it is coming?
  19. ikr but maybe they are saving it for Gamescom, who knows. All we can do is hope it gets announced soon.
  20. Alfihar

    Alfihar Member

    Maybe it's just taking longer to develop due to having per key lighting, versus the Tartarus.

    I really do hope they release an Orbweaver Chroma though.
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